Publish Notes from 2006-10-26

Publish 43

UO Team 17 Oct 2006 00:00:00 EST

Publish 43 contains a number of game updates and bug fixes. This article contains an updated summary of the game improvements that will come about with Publish 43 ===Pub43 Details=== Below is the list of what you will see if you log on to Test Center. Keep in mind that this is a preliminary list, and anything listed here is subject to change before Pub43 goes to production shards. Note: You may notice the login message has now changed. Follow the instructions in the new gump for information on how to obtain the new tokens and receive entitlement to test the new housing tiles

9th Anniversary Collection Features

  • Crystal and Shadow housing tiles (Type: "9ac" to temporarily entitle account)
  • Crystal and Shadow furniture (Type: "give tokens")
  • Heritage Items
  • Personal Attendants

For more information about these features, see the 9th Anniversary Collection page on

Additional Features / Bug Fixes

  • 6th Month Reward: +5 stat cap bump for all characters on accounts that are 6 months or older and did not receive the AOS stat increase. (Note: TC9 has been setup so that all characters will receive this)
  • Evasion duration will scale with your Bushido skill. Range is 3-6 second duration, with a 2 second bonus if your bushido is above GM and both tactics and anatomy are GM or better
  • Evasion parry modifier will scale with your Bushido skill. Range is 16-40%, with a 10% bonus if your bushido is above GM and both tactics and anatomy are GM or better
  • Chance to parry is now penalized if dex is below 80
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing Paladins to be capped at FC2 if they have 70 or more Magery skill as was originally intended
  • Adjusted passive and targeted detect hidden for both players and monsters so stealthers aren't as easy to detect
  • Corrected the damage range on legacy Ornate Axes, Talon Bites, and Taskmaster weapons
  • While in Vampire form, using a spell from any source (scroll, LRC, arcane clothing, spell) that normally would use garlic now damages the caster
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players under the affects of Vampiric Embrace to life steal from casting spells (as opposed to doing damage via weapon)
  • Fixed incorrect leech properties from Pub42 on certain weapons that had SSI
  • Corrected the resists for the Helm of Spirituality, which had been accidently reduced
  • Increased the range that the Exorcism spell will affect around a champ spawn
  • Added an NPC to Siege and Mugen that will redeem players' transfer tokens for 7th Anniversary Tokens. These new 7th Anniversary weapons / armor will not be blessed.
  • Pet Protection now works with summoned pets
  • Fixed an issue with Pet Protection that could cause a dead player who logged out to lose a dead bonded pet. Added a message telling players that they need to resurrect themselves and log back in in order to reclaim dead bonded pets.
  • The Animal Lore gump now displays base damage
  • Different characters on the same account should now all be able to use a vet reward cannon placed locked down in their house
  • Character Statues will no longer lose their Sculpted By name (existing statues will need to be resculpted)
  • Male characters can now restore female Character Statues that are wearing female armor without issues
  • Reduced the maximum number of unicode characters that could be typed on an item being engraved to prevent the property from wrapping to the next line
  • Personal Attendants will no longer go invisible when their owner hides. This was removed because it was causing problems for Heralds placed inside of houses and was not an essential feature
  • Players will now only receive one Herald message total per minute, with exception of the owner who will always see the Herald's bark
  • Fixed a bug that was causing Heralds to bark their announcement more than once after having their options changed multiple times while in a house
  • Fixed an issue that could allow players to sell their Personal Attendant deeds on their vendors
  • Personal Attendants are now removed if the character that they belong to is deleted
  • Fixed the error message that was displayed when a player tries to place furniture in another person's house
  • Increased the chances that an NPC mage vendor would sell 2nd-4th circle magery scrolls.
  • Verite and Valorite Elementals will no longer do extra damage to certain types of artifacts that were being destroyed too quickly before
  • Removed spawns of non-tamable Dire Wolves that started appearing after ML, except for one intentional group located in Gnaw's Cave
  • Added some new properties for EMs to use on event items
  • Limited character transfers to once a day per account
  • Tageted Detect Hidden has been changed as follows:
    • The targeted detect hidden chance has been slightly reduced against hidden players and creatures.
    • The targeted detect hidden range penalty has been slightly reduced (less of a drop in the chance to detect a hidden mobile as you get further from the tile you targeted with detect hidden)
    • Players without the hiding skill using the invisibility spell now has some chance to resist targeted detect hidden.
    • Monsters using targeted detect hidden have less of a chance to detect hidden players if the monster has less than 100 detect hidden skill. At 100 detect hidden skill the chance remains the same.
  • Monster passive detect has been changed as follows:
    • The base monster passive detect chance has been reduced.
    • If a monster's detect hidden skill is greater than zero, it now has a minimum 2% chance to detect players.
    • Players always have at least a 5% chance to remain hidden from a monster.
  • Player passive detect vs. stealthed players has been changed as follows:
    • The base player passive detect chance has been significantly reduced.
    • The passive detect range is now a 4 tile radius from the player.
    • The range penalty on the chance to passively detect a stealthed player now drops exponentially as range increases. This means that the chance to passively detect another player is much higher if the players are 1 tile apart vs. 4 tiles apart.
    • Players who have both the stealing and stealth skills at 100 or higher skill have a higher chance to remain hidden at a distance of 1 tile from another player.
  • Dexterity penalty to parry if dex is less than 80 has been restored to its Publish 25 value.
  • Evasion modifier to parry now scales with Bushido skill
    • If the player has higher than GM Bushido, and at least GM Tactics and Anatomy, they get a bonus to their evasion modifier (10% bonus to the evasion modifier to parry NOT 10% to the final parry chance)
    • Bonus modifier to parry range: (these are the ranges for the evasion modifier)
      • 16-40% bonus w/o tactics/anatomy
      • 42-50% bonus w/ GM+ bushido and GM tactics/anatomy
  • Evasion duration now scales with Bushido skill
    • If the player has higher than GM Bushido, and GM Tactics and Anatomy, they get a 1 second bonus
    • Evasion duration range:
      • 3-6 seconds w/o tactics/anatomy
      • 6-7 seconds w/ GM+ Bushido and GM tactics/anatomy