Publish Notes from 2007-05-11

Publish Notes from 2007-05-11

Publish 44 Incremental Update 3

UO Team 11 May 2007 00:00:00 EST

General Updates:

  • Changed skill and mana requirements for the following ninja skills:
    • Focus Attack: Min Skill now 30. Mana Cost now 10.
    • Surprise Attack: Min Skill now 60
    • Backstab: Min Skill now 40.
    • Mirror Image: Min Skill now 20.
  • Changed minimum Hiding requirement for Stealth from 50 to 30
  • Spells that debuff a target such as Clumsy, Weaken, Curse, Mind Rot, etc. will now have a better chance to raise Resisting Spells skill at lower skill level
  • The Monks have returned to the Yew Winery to sell Monk Robes
  • SIEGE PERILOUS SHARDS ONLY: The bonus to resists for exceptional armor creation on Siege Perilous and Mugen is 1% for every 12.5 points of Arm Lore. Maximum of 8% bonus resists (at Grandmaster Arms Lore).

New Haven Updates:

  • Added several new NPE Quests:
  • Rewards from the New Player quests have had their power adjusted. This change will apply to existing items as well as new items.
  • The mayor of New Haven, Amser, will now appear in New Haven. She will tell the player character about the town
  • Added animal and mongbat spawns in Haven forests
  • Hamato, the Bushido instructor, will now buy and sell Bushido spellbooks.
  • The accelerated gain area spam has been replaced by a sound effect and a buff icon
  • Undead spawn in Old Haven has been increased and the difficulty adjusted
  • More Healers wander in Old Haven and the surrounding forests
  • Brigand camps have been spotted on the isle!
  • Lyle and Sadrah have survived the disaster and returned to New Haven
  • Shops in New Haven have hung their signs
  • Escort quests are now available in New Haven

Bug Fixes:

  • Players should no longer be able to complete a quest and get the quest reward if the item cannot be put in their backpack.
  • Soulstones cannot be used by a player who is currently undergoing one or more New Player skill quests.
  • Skills cannot be purchased while under the effects of an accelerated skillgain scroll or NPE quest
  • Churchill is no longer a Mystic Llamaherder
  • The “Young Player Teleport” will now drop live players in the center of New Haven and dead players in the New Haven Healer Shop
  • Broken Haven Level 0 treasure map locations have been fixed.
  • Crafting items with Carpentry and Fletching Runic tools and special wood should give the correct result
  • New Player Quest reward items will no longer be blessed on Mugen
  • Spinning wheels and other interactable objects in New Haven will work properly