Publish Notes from 2007-11-27

Publish Notes from 2007-11-27

Publish 48

UO Team 26 Nov 2007 00:00:00 EST

Added the Salvage Bag:

  • The Salvage Bag is the core of the enhanced recycling system. Players store items in the bag like any other container, but when a recycle command occurs, they target the bag to handle all the items at once.
    • Layout:
      • a blue leather bag labeled “A Salvage Bag”
      • Available on Provisioners for a nominal (~1000gp) fee
      • Details:
      • Use the context menu on the bag to select “Salvage Ingots”, “Salvage Cloth”, or “Salvage All”
      • All items of the appropriate type in the bag (metal for smelting, cloth for scissoring) are recycled into their resources
      • The player gets a message containing number of items successfully recycled
    • Killing bosses in Doom will increase your chances of getting an artifact drop:
    • Killing bosses in Doom will increase your chances of getting an artifact drop:
    • Each player character participating against a gauntlet boss or the Dark Father will accumulate artifact reward points.
    • The more artifact reward points a player character accumulates, the more likely an artifact will spawn in his/her backpack.
    • Player characters who score higher on the Top Attacker list will earn more points. However, everyone in the Top Attackers list that stays the entire duration of the combat (even if slain) will still earn points.
  • Moved the New Haven moongate closer to town
  • Fixed bug that caused 2d chat name selection window to pop up when logging in/crossing server lines
  • Fixed bug that caused karma loss before selecting a target when begging
  • Begging will now reduce your karma less if you fail
  • Resist Spells will now allow you to reduce some damage from Blood Oath ((resist spellsx10)/20 + 10=percentage of damage resisted)
  • NPCs should cast Blood Oath less often
  • The KR client should perform more smoothly in high-latency situations Upgraded loot for legacy and Samurai Empire high end monster loot, to more closely match Mondain's Legacy monster loot. This affects mostly boss monsters, but has some impact on other high end monsters as well.
  • Solen powder quest now rewards 4-5 powder.
  • Bags of sending now use 1 charge per 10 stones of Weight, rounded up. (15 stones would use 2 charges, for example)
  • Significantly buffed up the Felucca champ spawn bosses.
  • Increased the chance to get better power scrolls from champ spawn bosses.
  • Increased the chance to get better items as loot from champ spawn bosses.
  • Lowered Dread Spider difficulty.
  • Lowered Dread Spider loot to match new difficulty.
  • Swoop has been buffed.
  • Faction stone now checks to make sure that a character is 30 days or older before allowing them to join a faction. Existing characters that are less than 30 days old are forced to quit factions when they log on.
  • “Young” characters and characters less than 30 days old can no longer use faction stones or faction recruiting stones.
  • Players can no longer invite a character less than 30 days old to a faction guild.
  • Fixed a bug with the Tsuki Wolf that was preventing it from dropping the correct loot
  • Fixed a bug that was causing champ spawns to accelerate the spawn on the entire subserver.