Publish Notes from 2008-02-14

Publish Notes from 2008-02-14

Publish 50

Changed all Blacksmithing and Tailoring runic intensities. Runics will now better match up to higher end loot. Maximum intensities are now 100% for all tailoring and blacksmithy runics, minimums are as follows:


    • Dull Copper: was 10, now 40
    • Shadow: was 20, now 45
    • Copper: was 25, now 50
    • Bronze: was 30, now 55
    • Gold: was 35, now 60
    • Agapite: was 40, now 65
    • Verite: was 45, now 70
    • Valorite: was 50, now 85


    • Spined: was 20, now 40
    • Horned: was 30, now 45
    • Barbed: was 40, now 50

  • Increased chance for GM smiths to get a hued BOD: +20% at 110 skill, +40% at 120 skill
  • Increased chance of receiving a Valorite BOD
  • Large footwear BODs should now be available in hues
  • BODs now have a 10 second wait time between turnins
  • NPCs now vocally acknowledge a BOD turnin
  • Creatures now give double meat resources in Felucca (except Siege and Mugen)
  • Frenzied Whirlwind now does more damage: 20 – 50 per strike
  • Certain Dragons have been buffed; they are now more powerful than Cu-Sidhe, Reptalons, or Hiryus but take 5 control slots
  • Ancient Wyrms now even more dangerous and powerful
  • Harrower resists and weapon skills slightly lowered
  • Bag of Sending fixed to handle items’ weight ranges properly:
    • 1 – 10 stones cost one charge
    • 11 – 20 costs two, etc.
  • Broken quest chains can now be resigned from properly
  • Fixed bug where NPCs at the New Haven dock could block escort quests
  • Fixed bug where player can become stuck when trying to leave the Dark Knight challenge
  • Salvage bag: No longer creates overweight situations
  • Salvage bag: Recycles cloth without problems when multiple items exist in the bag
  • Salvage bag: Recovered resources will now stack appropriately
  • Removed monster firecrackers and particle effects on death
  • Blackrock elementals will not be a factor in your Valentine’s Day mining activities
  • Disabled Halloween trick or treating
  • Disabled pumpkins from spawning
  • Magincia: Travel spells reenabled
  • Magincia: Permanent teleporters set up between Trinsic and Magincia (near the docks on each), both on solid ground
  • The New Haven moongate (southwest of the city) received worldbuilding updates, and a guard zone
  • Fixed an exploit where Champ Spawns can be guardwhacked
  • Fixed an issue where the Damage Increase property on runic-crafted weapons was occasionally being dropped

Valentine’s Day Content:

  • Gift box spawns on characters older than 30 days
  • Added three new books of poetry
  • Added new NPC to sell books of poetry, called “Francis the Chapman” inside the Britain Conservatory
  • Rare pink bunnies will now spawn in a few hues throughout the land. Extremely rare purple bunny may make an appearance
  • Added four new “Stuffy Animals” that can be snuggled with at home
  • Added new Valentine’s Day cards, in softer pastel pinks and whites. Several new messages
  • Added dark, milk, and white chocolates
  • New park area built around the Yew Waterfalls
  • Added a new Chocolatiering branch to the Cooking skill (Known Issue: the new chocolates only appear on the Cooking menu in 2D)
  • Added new chocolate ingredients that spawn on paragon monsters
  • Live event content