Publish Notes from 2008-03-27

Publish Notes from 2008-03-27

Publish 51

UO Team 26 Mar 2008 00:00:00 EST

Publish 51 went live on all shards on March 26, 2008:

  • Fixed a NPC Grammar Error
  • Greater Dragons now drop scales and leather when skinned
  • Properties on the ML recipe bows should now stack correctly with runic, exceptional and material bonuses
  • Fixed an additional bug that caused properties to be dropped on some ML weapons
  • Body sculptors and hairdressers should no longer wander too far away
  • Recipe bows that previously had a 0% exceptional chance now have a 5% exceptional chance (In order to allow for an exceptional chance greater than 0 at GM skill, the success rate and minimum Fletching skill have been adjusted. Success rate is now 50% at GM (was 40%.) Min Fletching is now 70 (was 75%.))
  • Ships will no longer catch fire around the island of Magincia
  • Leather and elf armor will no longer lose properties when runic-crafted or spawned as magic loot
  • NPC animated corpses should now deal damage and take damage in the Trammel ruleset.
  • Players should now be able to complete the summon fiend quest chain.
  • All bunnies will spawn in their normal colors again
  • Pet summoning ball changes:
    • Pet summoning balls unhide the summoner when attempting to summon their pet.
    • Pet summoning balls have a disruptable casting animation like other spells
    • Pet summoning balls have a reuse delay of 15 seconds.
  • Pet AI changes:
    • Guard: The pet should guard as it does currently.
    • Follow: The pet should follow. It will not attack anything, even if it is attacked.
    • Come: The pet should come. It will not attack anything, even if it is attacked. (If the pet cannot pathfind to its owner, it will not become passive.)
    • Kill/Attack: The pet will attack its target as it does currently.
    • Stop: The pet will stop attacking. It will not attack anything, even if it is attacked, and may wander.
    • Stay: The pet will stay where it is currently, and will not attack anything, even if it is attacked.
  • Fixed an issue where Talismans were occasionally spawning without any properties
  • Players can no longer place Insured items on a player-run vendor. (Existing Insured items on vendors will not be affected.)
  • Quest items will now untoggle if the player dies while carrying them
  • Players will now receive a ‘You have too many pets guarding you' system message if they already have more than 5 pets guarding them. (Note: pets in the stable that have been commanded to guard may count towards this limit.)
  • Each pet that is guarding a player will have a “Guarding” note on mouseover.
  • Fixed issues with the list of guarding pets not being maintained correctly
  • Provoking onto a creature will no longer cause those in combat with that creature to stop fighting
  • The Darkwood Armor set bonus now has 100 Luck instead of Night Sight
  • Acid Proof Rope will no longer remove a spell from a spellbook when crafted
  • The “Bless” spell icon will no longer incorrectly disappear if the player logs out
  • Regina in Castle British now lets you know if you are on the wrong stage of the quest rather than just saying you are too busy
  • Fixed system message upon creating an alliance to correctly show the alliance name
  • Exceptional crafted chocolate will have the maker's mark attached correctly
  • Salvage bags will no longer recycle Age of Shadows gift clothing