Publish Notes from 2008-10-22

Publish Notes from 2008-10-22

Posted 22 Oct 2008 14:54:20 by Jeremy Dalberg on the UO Herald:

Publish 56 On Test Center

TC1: Testing all town invasions at 5PM EST

At 5PM EST we’re going to turn on all the town invasions at once, and allow players to tear into them. We’re looking for specific feedback on time-to-completion, difficulty, loot, and spawning issues.

Participation in Factions is not required; this portion of the event is PvM in nature.

This will override the new invasion’s balancer that normally prevents more than three towns from being invaded at once. All eight Trammel cities below will be affected:

  • Britain: Dragons
  • Skara Brae: Elementals
  • Magincia: Undead
  • Minoc: Plague
  • Moonglow: Void
  • Trinsic: Orcs
  • Vesper: Rogue Ophidians
  • Yew: Daemons

Each city will have three types of enemies:

  • Shadowlord allied monsters (listed above next to each city)
  • Army of Shadows (traitorous humans and elves)
  • Corrupted townspeople

The corrupted townspeople will either be Hatred (attacks), Falsehood (steals), or Cowardice (runs away). The townspeople are affected across the entire town and nearby areas.

The invading monsters and traitors are generally confined to the area around where the town’s faction pedestal would be if it were in Felucca. Example: Britain’s east side is invaded.


  • Magincia concurrently spawns the new ghosts (restless, forsaken, and corrupted). These are not a direct part of the invasion, and killing them will not advance the invasion.
  • SL Faction members will note that invading monsters do not automatically aggro until you attempt to fight them.