Publish Notes from 2009-07-07

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Publish Notes from 2009-07-07

Posted 07 Jul 2009 16:33:14 by Chrissay Zeeman on the UO Herald:

TC1: Pub 59 notes

TC1 has been published with the following notes:

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the missing effects from Lightning Arrow special attack
  • Players will receive an error message when trying to create multiple gates at one location
  • Ferrets will now spawn in the Felucca Prism of Light healer room
  • Exceptional crafted food will now display the maker’s mark
  • Camp fires will no longer block house placement
  • Fixed an issue with the Crystalline Ring removing 20 modified skill points
  • Criminals are unable to stable their pets
  • Criminals will now get an error message when trying to open bank boxes
  • Issue with vendor penalty was fixed, should vanish after 25 hours and/or removed by the owner
  • Thomas O’Neerlan has been leashed to his spawn area so he won’t run off
  • The purchase message when buying a repair service contract deed has been fixed
  • Passage from Trinsic to Delucia has been fixed
  • Murderers can now use the Help/Stuck feature
  • Pets will no longer disappear if standing in a house that decays
  • Fixed the ability to repair the following: Earrings, Arcane boots, Elven boots, bracelets, necklaces and talismans
  • Fixed an issue with the Norton the Fisher Quest

Champ Spawns and Ghost Cam Fixes

  • Altar will no longer remain stuck when boss despawns or disappears instead of being killed
  • Players can no longer log out without repercussions in Champ Spawn regions
  • Players that log out in a champ spawn region will get teleported to a shrine
  • If a player logs out in a champ spawn area all the non equipped “cursed” items on them will drop to the ground
  • This will only affect players who log out beyond the 10 minute grace period; accidental disconnections will not be punished
  • Ghosts without corpses cannot enter Champ Spawn regions or log in to them
  • Ghosts without corpses will be automatically exorcised periodically

Shadowlord Finale Event Plan

Key Plot Lines:

Distracting Decisions

The Shadowlords mislead the people of Britannia to fight monsters and hunt treasure in Tokuno while they comb the world for their sought after Artifact. The monsters have the treasure, of course, because the Shadowlords are providing the distraction.

Strangers Bearing Gifts

Grey robed strangers appear at Empath Abbey, the Lycaeum, and Serpent’s Hold called “Seers.” Unlike the event manager versions, these NPCs foretell the future, and offer players a way to convert the Cloaks of Corruption into the Cloaks of Life, Death, or Power.

Cloaks of Command also become available in faction strongholds


Manifestations of the Shadowlords appear in Tokuno, searching for the Artifact after exhausting the other facets. They spawn at halfday intervals in three locations. Once dead, they drop Cloaks of Corruption to the top three attackers, and give ToT minor artifacts to all.

Dawn of Hope

Dawn returns to the land, vowing to save Britannia

Cloaks of Silence will be available from the EMs


The location of the Artifact is revealed. The Crimson Dragons are prepared for a great battle with the Platinums for dominion over Britannia, as the Shadowlords make their move. The outcome of this fight (which the players can assist in) will determine if the Chaos aligned factions (Shadowlords, Minax) receive benefits after the event arc, or whether Order does. This battle is the prelude to the finale.

The final battle with the Shadowlords. Rewards include three “Shards of the Gem of Immortality” (one per Shadowlord), and major artifacts.

  • Treasures of Tokuno, Minor Artifacts
  • Major Doom Artifacts
  • Cloak of Life
  • HP Bonus: 2
  • HP Regen: 1
  • HCI: 1
  • DCI: 1
  • SDI: 1
  • Str Bonus: 1
  • Dex Bonus: 1
  • Int Bonus: 1
  • Cloak of Silence
  • Stealth: +10
  • Faction item, no rank requirement
  • Can only be used in Felucca
  • Can be used once a day to summon a faction monster
  • Minax: Ogre Lord
  • CoM: Wisp
  • TB: Silver Serpent
  • SL: Daemon
  • Summoned monster will last for one hour
  • Displays lifetime remaining on item properties
  • Cloak must be worn in order to be used
Summoned monsters act the same as monsters/animals from the "Summon Creatures" command with the following details:
  • Requires one control slot
  • Cannot friend/unfriend or transfer
  • Summoning requires the same base requirements as the "Summon
  • Creatures" spell (mana/skill, chance of success), but doesn't consume reagents
  • The Ogre Lord's summoned version, however, is *much* weaker than its wild counterpart
An exceptionally rare item that responds to the user’s karma to play upon the fate in the worlds within