Publish Notes from 2009-08-20

Publish Notes from 2009-08-20

SA Content

  • Added Quests to the Underworld (Elder Dugan, Tobin the Tinkerer, Quartermaster Flint, and Gretchen the Alchemist)
  • Added Moongates
  • Cavern of Discarded added
  • New Artifact Drops

SA Content Bugfixes

  • Issues with Thepem and Zorilem Questline fixed
  • Additional imbuing enhancements
  • Gargish craftables can be dyed with natural dyes
  • Changed the charges on the Snake Charmer Flute
  • Fixed the Medusa spawning in all instances
  • Fixed some Artifact properties
  • Fixed some issues with the Trap Maze Puzzle
  • Imbuing Gump Improvements
  • Fixed an issue with Mystic Arc that was causing the NPC’s to agro
  • Fixed the Stomp attack for the Stygian Dragon
  • Added Wandering Healers across Ter Mur
  • Tamed chicken lizard should no longer go vorpal when told to attack
  • Fixed animation for the Halberd weapon
  • Fixed the location of Light in the Void for stealables
  • Fixed the timer on getting another Trap Maze puzzle to 24 hours
  • Fixing incubating egg reverting to stage 2 from stage 3
  • Fixed an issue with Skill Loss when claiming/stabling Chickens
  • Fixed Vorpal speedhacking battle chickens
  • Fixed an issue with the Primeval liche encounter not spawning (building) correctly.
  • Fixed an issue with the race change tokens
  • Fixed an issue with the 3rd puzzle, you can now solve it.