Publish Notes from 2009-11-19-2

Publish Notes from 2009-11-19-2

62.3 Bug Fixes - 11/19/2009

Andy Belford

19 Nov 2009 09:48:16 EST


We have the following Bug Fixes for you this morning following yesterday's launch of 62.3 on all live Shards:

Bug Fixes

  • Giant Turkeys no longer teleport into houses
  • Fixed an issue with cursed parchment will be deleted on login
  • Fixed several exploits with Turkey Nests
  • Turkeys AI was adjusted
  • Fixed an issue regarding the top twenty (20) Turkey attackers
  • Attackers on the aggressive list must be within 50 tiles of the corpse
  • Unstabled Chicken will no longer be kicked from players houses.