Publish Notes from 2011-11-30

Publish Notes from 2011-11-30

Note: No TC1 notes were ever published, nor were any final release notes published. The only time Publish 73.2 was ever mentioned was this single announcement on the UO Herald. It is unclear if this publish ever actually went live.

Pub 73.2 Comes to Origin

Originally posted 30 Nov 2011 19:35:49 EST by Kai Schober on the UO Herald:


Publish 73.2 comes to Origin tonight, along with the mandatory patch of the Enhance Client and the Classic Client

Here are the notes for your reading pleasure:

Bug Fixes

  • Balanced will no longer appear on Throwing weapons, and will vanish from any existing throwing weapons.
  • Corrected the item property intensity calculations for unraveling Shame loot drops. Lower level items will no longer unravel into Relic Fragments.
  • All magic item drops from shame can now be Imbued, even if they have special SA Artifact item properties on them.
  • -100 Luck on an item no longer decreases its total weighted item property intensity for purposes of imbuing.
  • Imbuing and Enhancing of various item properties onto Shame magic item drops now adds the correct item property intensity.
  • Fixed an issue with runic crafting tools that was cutting certain item property values in half when generated.
  • Velocity item property values on Shame loot drops were incorrect. These are now generated in increments of 5% instead of 1%, with a 5% minimum.
  • Dungeon chests and barrels in Shame now have locks and traps with difficulty and strength appropriate to the dungeon level.
  • Fixed a bug with random magic item loot in Shame that was causing item properties to be generated with lower than expected values and with lower than intended caps.
  • Small Soul Forges now have enhanced house security:
  • Any small soul forge placed after this publish will remember its owner
  • Only the soul forge owner or the house owner will be able to re-deed it
  • Any small soul forge placed before this publish can only be re-deeded by the house owner
  • Fixed a bug with Mannequin security.
  • Adjusted the effects of the New Player Token. It will now only last 5 days instead of 7, and party members skill gain increase will be cut in half.