Publish Notes from 2014-09-22

Publish Notes from 2014-09-22

Posted on September 22, 2014 by UO Dev Team

We are publishing Publish 86 to Origin and Izumo today. We have already given a 30 minute server shut down warning. Below are the additional changes we have made since we published TC1.

  • Fixed issue where the altar tracking arrow could get stuck.
  • Added durability & antique VvV artifacts, epaulettes and robes.
  • Players who place, their guild mates, and allies will always be able to passively detect traps regardless of detecting hidden skill.
  • The sigil can no longer be put in the bank.
  • Increased the insurance rate for VvV equipment to 2,000gp.
  • The first time a player joins VvV they will receive 2,000 silver points. Each successive time a player joins their silver points will be set to 500.

It is possible you may experience two cliloc errors when attempting to place the VvV sigil into a bank or when trying to access the VvV Silver Trader without ever having been a VvV player.