Publish Notes from 2014-11-18

Publish Notes from 2014-11-18

Publish 88 to Origin and Izumo

Posted on November 17, 2014 by Mesanna


We will be publishing Pub 88 to Origin and Izumo today, due to the late time of publish Izumo will not experience another maintenance today. We expect to start the publish at 2:30 and both shards should be back by 3:30 at the latest. As most of you have discovered the Treasures of Doom was accidently turned off early, we will be publishing the fix for this out with the World Wide publish. We appreciate all the feedback and look forward to hearing more.

Thank you everyone!

UO Team

  • Treasures of Doom has been reactivated and extended until server up on 12/6/2014.
  • During Governor elections “Governor, “ will be prepended to the name of the incumbent on the various voting gumps.
  • Minor pigments can now be combined up to 50 charges.
  • The Grinder can now work when locked down in a house
  • Fireplaces now function as a fire source for cooking.
  • Hunting Permits can no longer be used on living animals.