Publish Notes from 2017-03-31

Publish # Publish 97 Update 3
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Date released: 2017-03-31
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Publish Notes from 2017-03-31

4th TC1 Release – 3/31/2017

  • New tameable creatures can now be found inhabiting Britannia,
  • Necromage will no longer cast vengeful spirit.
  • All magical abilities will now train their appropriate related skills.
  • Chivalry ability now uses consecrate weapon, dispel evil, and enemy of one.
  • Fixed various issues with targeting related to area effects.
  • Animal Lore Gump Updates:
    • Creatures that cannot be trained no longer show potential slots.
    • Pet slot level will now be increased when a creature is first customized.
    • Pet taming requirements will increase as pets are customized and pet slot level increases.
    • Reduced weight of Schools of Magic so these abilities can now be added.
    • Samurais can no longer control customized lesser hiryu.
    • Necromancers can no longer control customized wolves.
    • Creatures that are currently mounted will no longer train.
  • Shadow Wyrm is no longer subjugated.
  • Venomous Bite mana cost increased from 20 to 50.
  • Hidden pets no longer remain hidden after a player issues a command.
  • Add additional information to training gump to indicated additional skill requirements.
  • Adjusted various caps and weights; check training gump info menu for latest values.
  • Increased the max trainable slots for several creatures including,
  • Increased Mana cost for the following,
  • Fixed issue where training progress percentage would not display correctly.
  • Chivalry can only be trained on pets with positive karma.
  • Adjusted stats on following creatures,
  • Mob base damage per second capped based on slot level.
  • Fixed issue with raging breath damage type.
  • Added new option for the taming mastery ability “Combat Training” – As One, which allows pets to share damage while they are close to their master.
  • All creatures with Grandmaster and above wrestling now have a chance to parry.