Publish Notes from 2017-07-24

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Publish # 98 TC1
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Publish Notes from 2017-07-24

Publish 98 Comes to TC1

Posted on July 24, 2017 by UO Dev Team

Greetings All,

We are pleased to announce that Publish 98 will be available for testing on TC1 by 2pm ET July 27, 2017. Publish 98 is full of new features, so make sure you patch up your client and head over to TC1 to check out the latest update. Please note that some features will not be available on TC1, check the notes for full release details.

See you in Britannia,

UO Team

First TC1 Release – 7/24/2017

20th Anniversary Gifts & Veteran Reward Titles

  • Veteran Reward Titles – selected via the titles menu
    • 16 & up: Survivor of Pagan
    • 18 & up: Ascendant of the Guardian
    • 20 & up: Wanderer of the Lost Odyssey

Halloween – Treasures of the Sorcerer’s Dungeon

Halloween – Trick or Treating

  • Trick or Treating returns with a new treat – the flaming scarecrow!
  • Saying “Trick or Treat” to an NPC will have a chance at a variety of tricks and treats!
  • Trick or Treating will be active during the month of October on Production
  • Visit the gates in New Haven on TC1 before testing.

Halloween – Zombie Skeletons

  • Beware of graveyards this Halloween – zombie skeletons return with new skeletons to add to your collection!
  • Players who face death in the month of October have a chance to see their spirit reincarnated as a skeleton in one of Britannia’s graveyards.
  • Skeletons come in a variety of styles with a chance of rare hues!
  • Visit the gates in New Haven on TC1 before testing.

Halloween – Jack o’ Lanterns

  • The pumpkin patches of Britannia are once again fertile with pumpkins to carve and add to your collection!
  • Look for a new round pumpkin to carve into two new designs, an owl and cat!
  • Pumpkins and Butchers will be active during the month of October on Production.
  • Pumpkin Patches and Butchers will not be active during testing.

Horn of Plenty

  • The Horn of Plenty has been updated with a new rare item – the Ale Table!
    • House addon that animates and serves a tasty ale when used!

Huntmaster’s Challenge

  • New creatures and trophies have been added to the Huntmaster’s Challenge,
  • Newly hunted and taxidermied tigers will now produce a trophy matching the animals color.

20th Anniversary Arc

  • A multi-part arc will be active on production shards during the months of August & September, 2017. Keep an eye on for new fiction and updates.
  • The arc will not be active during testing.

Pet Adjustments

  • Pets with Magery no longer teleport to player target when out of range or cast Mind Blast on player targets.
  • Advanced Pet Training Process: Pet slots are no longer adjusted by the pet training process. Pet slots are only adjusted when tamed.
  • Removed SDI cap damage vs Pets.
  • Players can now parry pet special moves.
  • Increased Pet damage reduction vs Players from 30% to 50%.
  • Direct damage cap for pets is now based on Pet’s HP and can exceed 35.
  • All pets which have been exploited by releasing or death will have the following stats reset and incur a penalty to their advanced pet training. Strength, intelligence, dexterity, hit points, stamina, mana, base damage, and all resists will be reset to defaults.

Bug Fixes

  • Taming Mastery Combat Training can now be broken when the caster is out of range, dead, or paralyzed.
  • Consume Damage is now capped on pets at 45 HCI and 30 HPR.
  • Enhanced Client: Decreased the default scale of all generic gumps from 1.5 to 1.06.
  • Classic Client: Resolved issue with non players moving north on block tiles which resulted in jumping positions.
  • Pet skills which are required for AIs will now be set to their required minimums.