Publish Notes from 2017-08-08

Publish # 98 Origin, Izumo, & Baja
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Publish Notes from 2017-08-08

Publish 98 Comes to Origin, Izumo, & Baja

Posted on August 8, 2017 by UO Dev Team

Greetings All,

We are pleased to announce that Publish 98 will be deployed to Origin, Izumo & Baja by 2pm ET August 8, 2017 and we are targeting a World Wide release date of August 15th, 2017. We are also pushing a client patch for both the Classic and Enhanced Clients to address with stack splitting. Publish 98 is full of new features, so make sure you patch up your client and head over to TC1 or one of the first release shards to check out the latest update. Please note that some features will not be available on these shards, check the notes for full release details.

As mentioned in the notes, Publish 98 brings our latest content arc, The Shattered Obelisk. Check out this page on the Shattered Obelisk for more details!

We are also pleased to announce our Dev Meet & Greets for August:

August 14th, 2pm ET – Drachenfels

August 28th, 4pm ET – Europa

See you in Britannia,

UO Team

Publish Notes

The publish notes were unchanged from the Publish 98 (TC1) version.

Unofficial Notes

A new color of Cu Sidhe has been spotted spawning: 2017y08m06d 010315493.jpg