Rares Collection: Pirates

Rares Collection: Pirate-Themed Items

UO-Item-7946-2734.png A Rare Vase From A Pirates Hide Out 7946 2734 EM Item
UO-Item-3751-2007.png A Wanted Poster For The Pirate Captain Known As Cutthroat Connie 3751 2007 EM Item
UO-Item-4604-2654.png A Broken Bar Stool, Clearly Stolen From The Pirate's Plunder  4604 2654 EM Item
UO-Item-4185-0.png A Broken Pirates Sextant [Drachenfels 2010]  4185 0 EM Item
UO-Item-5185-0.png A Dread Pirate's Sword  5185 0 EM Item
UO-Item-6475-1975.png A Pirate's Monoscope  6475 1975 EM Item
UO-Item-8189-503.png A Soggy Surcoat Recovered From A Pirate's Victim  8189 503 EM Item
UO-Item-5367-2953.png A Strangely Hued Anchor From A Pirate Captain's Ship [Drachenfels 2010]  5367 2953 EM Item
UO-Item-5915-133.png A Tricorne Hat Looted From An Undead Pirate  5915 133 EM Item
UO-Item-2594-77.png A Victim's Lantern Stolen By Pesky Pirates [Drachenfels 2010]  2594 77 EM Item
UO-Item-3651-2712.png A Waterlogged Pirate Chest From Davy Jones' Locker  3651 2712 EM Item
UO-Item-5185-33.png A Worn Pirate Cutlass  5185 33 EM Item
UO-Item-5367-2951.png An Anchor Recovered From The Hatch Of The Pirate Ship The Dark Lady  5367 2951 EM Item
UO-Item-5367-2951.png An Anchor Recovered From The Hatch Of The Pirate Ship The Revenge  5367 2951 EM Item
UO-Item-5369-2951.png An Anchor Recovered From The Hatch Of The Pirate Ship The Sea Witch  5369 2951 EM Item
UO-Item-3909-1358.png An Axe Of Pirate Slaying +4  3909 1358 EM Item
UO-Item-5355-1988.png An Old Pirate Map Crumbling To Dust  5355 1988 EM Item
UO-Item-5444-0.png An Undead Pirate's Skullcap  5444 0 EM Item
UO-Item-5899-767.png Arr! I Be A First Class Pirate!  5899 767 unknown
UO-Item-5900-306.png Boots crafted by Pirate Outfit Suppliers (tm) 5900 306 EM-crafted Item
UO-Item-19268-2707.png Calling Card Of The Pirate Lord  19268 2707 EM Item
UO-Item-8059-1165.png Doublet crafted by Pirate Outfit Suppliers (tm) 8059 1165 EM-crafted Item
UO-Item-5899-2424.png Dread Pirate Boots  5899 2424 EM Item
UO-Item-5915-1175.png Dread Pirate Hat  5915 1175 Prepatch Item
UO-Item-5915-1196.png Dread Pirate Stone-Eye's Tricorne Hat  5915 1196 EM Item
UO-Item-7933-1165.png Fancy Shirt crafted by Pirate Outfit Suppliers (tm) 7933 1165 EM-crafted Item
UO-Item-7934-1644.png Fancy Shirt crafted by Pirates Of Bucanneer's Bay 7934 1644 EM-crafted Item
UO-Item-7933-798.png Fancy Shirt crafted by The Pirates On Blanche Island 7933 798 EM-crafted Item
UO-Item-8437-1366.png George The Pirate Monkey  8437 1366 EM Item
ImageNotAvailable.png Gloves crafted by Pirate Outfit Suppliers (tm) unknown 306 EM-crafted Item
UO-Item-587-0.png Heart Of A Pirate Victim  587 0 EM Item
UO-Item-9039-1910.png Johnny Runners Indecipherable Tattered Pirate Treasure Map  9039 1910 EM Item
UO-Item-5433-306.png Long Pants crafted by Pirate Outfit Suppliers (tm) 5433 306 EM-crafted Item
UO-Item-7723-1175.png Oars From The Pirate Lifeboat  7723 1175 EM Item
UO-Item-7450-2624.png Or A Good Pirate Plunder! -Darian  7450 2624 EM Item
UO-Item-34078-0.png Part Of An Oar From A Pirate Ship During The Fight To Avenge Bloodstone  34078 0 EM Item
UO-Item-7933-77.png Participant Of The Pesky Pirate's Hunt [Drachenfels 2010]  7933 77 EM Item
UO-Item-5899-1.png Pirate Boots  5899 1 EM Item
UO-Item-7146-801.png Pirate Booty  7146 801 EM Item
UO-Item-5899-2218.png Pirate Captain Edward Deadwood's Peg Leg  5899 2218 EM Item
UO-Item-5899-2218.png Pirate Captain George Darkblade's Peg Leg  5899 2218 EM Item
UO-Item-5899-2218.png Pirate Captain Jack Pale's Peg Leg  5899 2218 EM Item
UO-Item-5899-2218.png Pirate Captain Joe Gully's Peg Leg  5899 2218 EM Item
UO-Item-5899-2218.png Pirate Captain John Silvergrim's Peg Leg  5899 2218 EM Item
UO-Item-5899-2218.png Pirate Captain William Moonship's Peg Leg  5899 2218 EM Item
UO-Item-886-33.png Pirate Eye Patch  886 33 EM Item
UO-Item-8059-1196.png Pirate King Cruz's Doublet  8059 1196 EM Item
ImageNotAvailable.png Pirate King Cruz's Doublet  8059 unknown EM Item
UO-Item-16381-1159.png Pirate Werewolf Ninja  16381 1159 EM Item
UO-Item-16966-0.png Ramrod crafted by The Pirates Of Amoeba Island 16966 0 EM-crafted Item
UO-Item-19550-2517.png Seaweed-Encrusted Faded Bronze Pirate Ship Bell  19550 2517 EM Item
UO-Item-5185-1001.png Silver Etched Pirate Cutlass  5185 1001 EM Item
UO-Item-40735-2671.png Skeleton Pirate From The House Of Games  40735 2671 EM Item
UO-Item-5201-902.png Skull Of A Cut Throat Pirate  5201 902 EM Item
UO-Item-3118-0.png Splinters Of A Pirate Ship  3118 0 EM Item
UO-Item-17090-2563.png The Most Precious Pirate Gargoyle Statue From Darian's Legacy  17090 2563 EM Item
UO-Item-13801-2949.png The Unholy And Burnt Altar Of The Cursed Pirates Who Unleashed The Rising Tide  13801 2949 EM Item
UO-Item-5915-1644.png Tricorne Hat crafted by Drunken Pirate Floozies 5915 1644 EM-crafted Item
UO-Item-5915-1165.png Tricorne Hat crafted by Pirate Outfit Suppliers (tm) 5915 1165 EM-crafted Item
UO-Item-5915-0.png Tricorne Hat crafted by The Pirates Of Amoeba Island 5915 0 EM-crafted Item
UO-Item-5185-238.png Worn-Out Pirate Cutlass From Magincia [Drachenfels 2010]  5185 238 EM Item