Rares Collection: Rubble/Reagents

Rubble Reagents

UO-image-icon-Caution.png Use caution when transporting rubble reagents. Mage spells have been known to use up rubble reagents in the backpack, even when an LRC suit is worn. Always try to transport rubble reagents in a beetle or packie instead.

Magery reagents

Blood Moss Garlic Ginseng Mandrake Root Nightshade Spiders' Silk
UO-Item-3963-0.png UO-Item-3972-0.png UO-Item-3973-0.png UO-Item-3974-0.png UO-Item-3976-0.png UO-Item-3981-0.png

Necromancy reagents

Blackmoor Bone Daemon Bone Grave Dust Nox Crystal Wyrm's Heart
UO-Item-3961-0.png UO-Item-3966-0.png UO-Item-3968-0.png UO-Item-3983-0.png UO-Item-3982-0.png UO-Item-3985-0.png

Sorcery reagents

Obsidian Daemon Blood
UO-Item-3977-0.png UO-Item-3965-0.png

Thaumaturgy reagents

Bat Wing Dragon's Blood
UO-Item-3960-0.png UO-Item-3970-0.png