Ringmail Tunic Of The Phoenix

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Ringmail Tunic Of The Phoenix

Rare Item
Type EM Item
Date  2004
Season 2
Shard Arirang
Quantity unknown
Currently Spawning No
Japanese localized name unknown
Extended Information
Graphic 5100
Hue 142
Height 1
Dyable unknown
Edible unknown
Stackable No
Turnable unknown
Wearable Chest slot
Wieldable No
Works as a container No
Works as a runebook No
Works as a spellbook No
Animated No
Double-click Effect unknown
Ethereal No
Sound unknown
Translucent No
Walk-over Effect unknown
Special Item Flags
Newbiefied No
Legal to Own Yes
Image of Ringmail Tunic Of The Phoenix

Note: The properties for this item are incomplete.

Accidentally dropped by bosses during a 2004 event on one of the Korean shards. This is one of two pieces of the phoenix suit for which the Korean item is not identical to the cleanup item. The Korean version has the name “Ringmail Tunic Of The Phoenix” and is much rarer, while the cleanup version has the name “A Ringmail Tunic Of The Phoenix”. As a side note, phoenix armor is not the same hue as Phoenix Red Pigment, nor have these armor pieces ever spawned on Phoenixes.

Phoenix Armor Suit
UO-suitimage-Phoenix Armor.png
Sort column
Head Slot # A Nose Helm Of The Phoenix 02
Chest Slot # A Ringmail Tunic Of The Phoenix 08
Neck Slot # Studded Gorget Of The Phoenix 04
Arms Slot # Ringmail Sleeves Of The Phoenix 10
Hands Slot # Ringmail Gloves Of The Phoenix 12
Pants Slot # Ringmail Leggings Of The Phoenix 15
Alternative pieces: 100
Head Slot # Norse Helm Of The Phoenix 102
Chest Slot # Ringmail Tunic Of The Phoenix 108