Scout's Small Plate Jingasa (Replica)

Scout's Small Plate Jingasa

Image of Scout's Small Plate Jingasa [Replica]
5 stones
Physical Resist 7%
Fire Resist 7%
Cold Resist 7%
Poison Resist 7%
Energy Resist 7%
Dexterity Bonus 1
Mage Armor
Strength Requirement 55
Durability 100  / 100
Part Of An Armor Set (6 Pieces)

This is the 2011 replica version. It has the mage armor property, like the 2008 post-patch version, but unlike the 2008 versions, durability has been dropped to 100, and this cannot be improved with Powder Of Fortification.

Note, this is the only piece which requires over 35 Strength. If a low-strength character wished to wear this suit, the Scout's Circlet is an alternate option, requiring only 10 Strength, but with identical specs.