Start Date 1997-12-03

Governance Last Updated: 2016-08-19
City Governor Trade Deal
Britain Queen Mum +5% SDI
Jhelom Galahad +5% SSI
Minoc none None
Moonglow Dezerai +5% SDI
New Magincia Magrathea +5% SSI
Skara Brae none +5% SSI
Trinsic April Shower +1 FC
Vesper Lavendar +1 FC
Yew none +5% SSI

Broadsword Staff
Event Moderator EM Xanthus
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News and Events

Town Cryer Reports

1998-04-14: Liche Lord Commands Wolf Army
1999-01-22: A Disease Of Orcs
1999-08-12: A Box Full Of Virtues
1999-09-20: Alana Sari Lost After One Month Unconscious
1999-10-06: Ambassadors From Another Land Visit Britain
2000-02-07: Xandrick: Criminal And Conspirator; Archmage’s Ambitions Remain A Mystery
1998-03-21: Trinsic Jailer Seeks Part Time Employees
1998-03-26: Orcs Set Fire To Own Fort
1998-04-14: Orcs Discovered Sparring, Training To Fight Like Humans
1998-04-14: Trolls Attack Britain Whilst Ogre Lord Fences In Warriors
1998-04-18: Walking Plant-Life Attacks Near Trinsic
1998-04-27: Horse Barrel Racing Comes To Jhelom
1998-05-26: Pirates Attack The Township Of Oasis
1998-06-15: Getting Wedding Rings Is Not Always Just A Trip To The Jewellers
1998-06-29: Pirates Defeated: Staff Secret Revealed To Harris
1998-06-30: Union Of The Staves
1998-07-24: Harris And The Staff Of The Elements
1998-12-05: The Cursed Blade Of Junin Pince
1998-12-10: Theft In Britain, Culprit Escapes To The Lost Lands
1999-01-07: Stubb’s Barbeque In Britain
1999-01-08: Attempted Theft Of The Vizier’s Sapphire Necklace
1999-01-14: Terror In The Trinsic Swamps
1999-01-23: Caravan Heist Averted: The Mystery Of The Insidiae Is Unveiled
1999-02-08: Stolen Books Retrieved
1999-02-13: Triumph And Tragedy In Staff Of The Elements Move
1999-07-05: The Fate Of Sindl’s Flame
1999-08-08: The Cleansing Of The Shrines Begins
1999-10-03: Threat Or Not?
1999-10-10: History Of The Insidiae
1999-10-11: Movements Of The Insidiae
1999-10-11: Spotlight On Public Figures: Xandrick Of Wind
1999-10-11: Triumph Turns To Tragedy In Glacia
1999-10-16: Rathham Murdered, Grythak Lives
1999-10-16: The Tome Of Valykere Retrieved
1999-10-16: Trinsic Poisoned!!
1999-10-17: Renowned Psychic Makes Astonishing Claim
1999-12-19: Glacian Politics Bring Strife To Our Lands
2000-01-15: Gypsy’s Mysterious Tent Appears In Skara Brae
2000-02-01: From The Notes Of Ceridwen
2000-03-09: Demosthena’s Newest Obsession
2000-03-09: From Notes Of Ceridwen
2000-03-09: Mysterious Gypsy Tent Appears In Skara Brae
2000-03-09: Skara Brae Invaded In Glaciac Struggle
2000-03-09: Vanlander Foundation Funds Youth Projects

Britannia News Network Reports

2000-03-23: Brigands Attack The Shores Of Moonglow.
2000-04-05: Horse Races Return To Britain!
2000-04-12: Captain Blackhand Reported Dead!
2000-04-19: Doria Romanov Asks For Help
2000-05-03: The Search For The Emerald Enchantress
2000-05-15: Moonglow Tavern Hosts Evening Of Tale And Song
2000-05-16: Forbidden “Tome Of The Blood Candles” Found
2000-05-26: Golden Dread Spider Slain
2000-05-26: Mage Tower Sinks
2000-05-31: Emerald Enchantress Attacks Monks
2000-06-09: Golden Deer Rescued
2000-06-13: Strangers Walk Among Us
2000-06-15: A Night At The Races
2000-06-15: Final Words
2000-06-22: Winners Of Race 9 Announced!
2000-06-26: Albino Harpy Slain!
2000-06-26: Emerald Enchantress Casts The First Great Spell
2000-07-09: Ceridwen And Fieya Wed!
2000-07-11: Horse Races Postponed A Fortnight
2000-07-17: Gypsy Doria Back From Trammel
2000-07-23: Can Orwen’s Orb Defeat The Emerald Enchantress?
2000-07-27: Winners Of Race 11 Announced!
2000-09-18: The Summoning Of Masiu
2000-09-24: Eleana Coriel’s Wake
2000-10-04: The Murder Of Eleana Coriel
2000-10-11: Attack On Tavern Patrons!
2000-10-11: Deception And Honor
2000-10-17: Dlormor’s Last Stand
2000-10-19: Mad Hermit Spotted In The Y'Nah Teb
2000-10-20: Gathering Adventurers For Expedition To The Lost Lands
2000-10-24: Bizzare Weather Sweeps Across The Lost Lands
2000-10-29: Strange Ruins Spotted In The Lost Land
2000-11-05: Expedition In Need Of Brave Adventurers
2000-12-21: Story Night At The Journey’s End
2001-01-18: Treachery At Journey’s End
2012-04-06: Noteworthy Persons - Queen Mum

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