Pagan Magic

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Pagan Schools of Magic

Pagan is another planet, entirely separate from Britannia. It lies far across the Ethereal Void. It is a world which was originally peopled by the Zealans. In time, however, The Guardian found Pagan, and began telling the Pagans about a being he named "The Destroyer" which was coming, and for which they needed to prepare. What he didn't tell them was that he himself was The Destroyer.

Some Zealans began following The Guardian, and began calling themselves Pagans instead. Then The Guardian brought the four Titans to Pagan. The Titans convinced the Pagans that they needed to eliminate the Zealans. Following a great war which destroyed much of the world, the Pagans won.

The Guardian then left Pagan. The Titans convinced the survivors of the war that it was they who had defended them from The Destroyer, and demanded worship. The Pagans agreed, but convinced the Titans to stay in four sacred areas, one dedicated to each Titan.

Eventually, each Titan agreed to share some of its magical powers with certain select Pagans, upon which four of the five schools of magic on Pagan were founded.

Pagan Necromancy

The world was suffering terrible earthquakes as a result of the war. Lithos agreed to end the quakes, but demanded the bodies of dead Pagans in return.

“Both sides accepted the pact, with Moriens granted the magical powers necessary to honor the Pagan half of the bargain. But as Moriens began to feel the effects of aging, another pact was formed, whereby Moriens could pass on his abilities to subsequent Necromancers - the term given to the mages responsible for sending the dead to Lithos.”


Hydros the Lurker took residence in an city which had been consumed by the oceans. Angry at not receiving worship like Lithos, Hydros killed the beloved of Kalen The Necromancer and took the body into the undersea city. Lithos told Kalen that he could use Blackrock to trap Hydros in her temple. Kalen did so, then prepared to remove all of the water from the temple, in order to kill Hydros.

“Kalen was stopped by the Lurker's pleas. In exchange for her life, Hydros agreed to return the body of Kalen's betrothed and confer some of the powers of Tempestry, the magic of storms and water, upon Kalen and all of his descendants.”


Unlike the other Titans, Stratos decided to become a benevolent ally with the Pagans. Of her own free will, she contacted a wise man, Stellos, and gave him the power to heal the sick and wounded. Kalen heard of Stellos' abilities, and visited him seeking the resurrection of his beloved. Stellos spoke with Stratos, who said that it could be done, but only at a great and unknown cost. Stellos agreed.

“He sent his spirit deep into the realm of Air and saw many unusual things. Finally, as the wizened man came upon a great brilliance, his body's mouth opened on the ground below breathed life into Kalen's beloved. He returned to his material form only to learn that he had forever lost his vision.”

In gratitude, Kalen caused the earth to build a school for Stellos, who then founded the Theurgy School of Magic.


Pyros was the only Titan who did not willingly give any power to the Pagans. Five Theurgists formed a pentagram and summoned Pyros, promising themselves as sacrifices. However, when he appeared, they turned on him, binding him with a large piece of Blackrock. Unable to attack and in their control, they were able to force him to use minor amounts of his power for their purposes.

Those who have corrupted themselves through this coercion have since become known as Sorcerers. Because this magic comes from an unwilling source, and thus requires precise precautions, its spells require more preparation than the other 3 schools of magic.


Thaumaturgy stands as distinct against the other 4 schools of magic on Pagan. It is the only Pagan magic which does not have direct ties to the Titans. It also has only one practitioner - Mythran The Thaumaturgist.

“Thaumaturgy is the term I use to define the collection of spells that I have learned over time. Put quite simply, Thaumaturgy borrows and steals a bit from each of the other magics, choosing the clear path of chaos rather than becoming too well defined and stagnant. Much like Sorcerers, I enchant items with the power of reagents and the mind.”

- Mythran The Thaumaturgist, The Chronicle of Pagan (Ultima VIII)

“While a novice to any school of magic will find the names of most reagents unrecognizable, the reagents of Thaumaturgy are confusing for a simple reason. A universal collection of words and rituals must also have a universal set of material reagents, components that cannot be limited to a single dimension.Thus, the unusual reagents.

The casual reader will focus on the obvious questions: What are these creatures? A Dragon? A Newt? How many wings does one of these bats have? However, the trained mage will know that such details are irrelevant. Since magic is simply the manifestation of the caster's will rewriting the present, it stands to reason that the methods for bringing this will to the surface are not limited by the caster's plane of existence, dispelling magic notwithstanding.

Therefore, as it is possible to cast spells through a variety of means, the physical representation of the components are not relevant, assuming they enable access to the necessary energies. In such an instance, the thorn of a rose may very well be a reasonable substitute for the scales of a serpent.”

- Mythran The Thaumaturgist, Spell of Ethereal Travel - Ort Grav Por