Soul Eater

Soul Eater

Rare Item
Type IGM Item
Date December 2003
Shard Yamato
Quantity unknown
Currently Spawning No
Japanese localized name unknown
Extended Information
Graphic 5119
Hue 14
Height 1
Dyable unknown
Edible unknown
Stackable No
Turnable unknown
Wearable No
Wieldable One-handed weapon
Works as a container No
Works as a runebook No
Works as a spellbook No
Animated No
Double-click Effect unknown
Ethereal No
Sound unknown
Translucent No
Walk-over Effect unknown
Special Item Flags
Newbiefied unknown
Legal to Own Yes
Image of Soul Eater
Physical Damage 100%

Note: The properties for this item are incomplete.

Emperor Golmor was the villain in a long-running event arc on the Japanese shards in 1998-1999. In December of 1999, the IGMs brought him back for a sequel on Yamato, in an event titled “Emperor Again?”. The sword that finally killed the revived Emperor Golmor on Yamato was named Soul Eater. 8 years later, August of 2007, Golmor again returned to Yamato. A character named “Soul Saver” was able to provide the sword “Soul Eater”, and Golmor was again defeated. After this event, the sword was placed on permanent display at Castle British. The weapon properties displayed here are as they were right after the August 2007 event. (Note that this summary is based on some very rough Japanese translations. Anyone who can correct any errors, or add any detail, please do!).