Summon Creature

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1 stone
Magery Spell
Spell Summon Creature
Spell Circle 5th Circle
Mana Cost 14 mana
Duration Magery * 4 seconds
Casting Delay 1.5 seconds
Skill (min) 38.1 Magery
Skill (99%) 78.1 Magery
Skill (Scribe) 32.1 Inscription
Blood MossBlood Moss
Mandrake RootMandrake Root
Craftable Scroll
Name Summon Creature
Category Fifth - Sixth Circle
Skill(s) Required 32.1 Inscription
Mana Cost 14 mana
Can be exceptional No
Wearable Slot None
Wieldable No
Required Recipe None
Tool Required
Stackable Yes
1 Blank ScrollBlank Scroll
1 Blood MossBlood Moss
1 Mandrake RootMandrake Root

Summon Creature

Words of Power
Britannian Kal Xen


Summons a low level creature to assist you. Can be used as sparring partner for low-level characters or as a decoy – possibly for a pvm thief.

This spell has an additional delay of 6 seconds before the summon is actually created.

The summoned creature will be one of: