The Harrower

The Harrower

UO-The Harrower-cc-animated.gif UO-The Harrower-ec.png
Classic client Enhanced client
Basic Stats
Alignment unknown
Magic Level undefined
Poison Level unknown
Loyalty Points unknown
Fame 25000 
Fame (Felucca) ≈ 32500 
Karma -25000 
Karma (Felucca) ≈ -32500 
When was this mobile added to the game?First Seen? 2002-07-12: Publish 16
Is this mobile still spawning somewhere in the game?Spawning? Yes
Found Where? (old) Spawns in a random Felucca dungeon when all 6 champion skulls are placed on the altar in the Star Room.
Found Where? (new)
Can this mobile be tamed?Tameable? No
Bodytype #(s) unknown
Hue #(s) unknown
Can this mobile be mounted?Mountable? No
Can you 'summon' this mobile in some way (other than from your stable)?Summonable? No
Can you polymorph into this body form in some wayPolymorphable? No
Is this mobile only seen while on a quest? If so, which quest?Quest only? No
Does a statue version of this mobile exist?Statue form? No
Gold 0 gp
Base Loot unknown
Special Loot Acid-Proof Robe (Replica)
Evil Idol
Power Scrolls
Skull Pole
The Robe Of Britannia 'Ari' (Replica)
16 Stat Scrolls
Stealing unknown
The Harrower is the first incarnation of the 'Super Champion' of the Felucca Dungeons. Not to be confused with the Tentacles of the Harrower from Khaldun, which is apparently only a small part of The True Harrower. The Harrower will only spawn once all the other six champions have been killed and their skulls have been placed on the altar in the Star Room in Terathan Keep. Once the skulls have been placed, then The Harrower spawns in a random dungeon. The Harrower's first incarnation will be a relatively small black robed figure, but despite its small size it is incredibly powerful and will take a long time to kill. Once it is killed and you think it is all over... It's not! You are in fact not even half way through it yet. The killing of The Harrower will only lead to the appearance of its second incarnation, The True Harrower, which is a huge dark and many armed creature of immense power. Killing The Harrower is no small feat but it can be very rewarding in the end, if you can also manage to kill it's true form, which might result in a stat power scroll.


Base Damage 35-41
Ranged Attack none
Slayer unknown
Anti-Slayer None
Speed medium
Does this mobile auto-dispel summons?Auto-Dispel? No
Special Moves & Abilities Magery

Data is based on 5 reports.

Damage and Resistances

Physical Fire Cold Poison Energy
Damage 20% 20% 20% 20% 20%
Resist (min) 76% 70% 70% 80% 75%
Resist (avg) 76% 70% 70% 80% 75%
Resist (max) 76% 70% 70% 80% 75%

HP Stamina Mana Strength Dexterity Intelligence
min 39000 126 5000 901 126 1001
avg 49500 130 5000 916.5 126 1031
max 60000 134 5000 932 126 1061
Hit Point Regeneration Stamina Regeneration Mana Regeneration
min unknown unknown unknown
avg unknown unknown unknown
max unknown unknown unknown


Barding Difficulty: 160

Barding Notes: No notes have yet been added.


Tameable?: No

Pack Instincts:  unknown



Anatomy Detecting Hidden Healing Hiding Magic Resist Parrying Poisoning Tactics Wrestling
min unknown unknown unknown unknown 115.5 unknown unknown 111.7 110.9
avg unknown unknown unknown unknown 137.75 unknown unknown 115.85 115.45
max unknown unknown unknown unknown 160 unknown unknown 120 120

Lore & Knowledge:

Bushido Chivalry Discordance Eval Int Focus Magery Meditation Mysticism Necromancy Ninjitsu Spellweaving Spirit Speak
min unknown unknown unknown 140 unknown 120 140 unknown 120 unknown unknown 120
avg unknown unknown unknown 140 unknown 120 140 unknown 120 unknown unknown 120
max unknown unknown unknown 140 unknown 120 140 unknown 120 unknown unknown 120

Data is based on 5 reports.