Treasures of the Sorcerer’s Dungeon

Treasures of the Sorcerer’s Dungeon

For Halloween 2017, the Sorcerer’s Dungeon has been taken over by the Pumpkin King!

Note: The event will be active on production shards during the month of October, 2017.

The Pumpkin King

. Defeat the minions to face the Pumpkin King himself: Jack the Pumpkin King

Artifacts of Enchanted Origin

Any mob in the Sorcerer's Dungeon has a chance to drop Artifacts of Enchanted Origin. They will appear in your backpack, not on the mobs' corpses. These can be kept, or traded in to the Researcher just outside the dungeon's entrance for various rewards:

Points Item
75 UO-Item-40837-0.png Jack’s Bag of Tricks
50 UO-Item-40820-0.png Serpent’s Jawbone
30 UO-Item-40804-0.png Jack in the Box
20 UO-Item-19100-0.png Shackled Heart of the Pumpkin King
20 Reward Title: Hero of the Unloved
20 Reward Title: Savior of the Demented
20 Reward Title: Slayer of the Pumpkin King
50 Sterling Silver Ring
50 Talons Of Escaping
50 Boots Of Escaping

Jack’s Bag of Tricks

Jack’s Bag of Tricks is usable only during the month of October. It can can be used once per day to collect candy, with a low chance at a rare item:

Serpent’s Jawbone

The Serpent’s Jawbone is a teleporter that can be used to teleport to various locations throughout Ilshenar.

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