Weapon Speed Item Property

Weapon Speed Item Property

Imbuable Item Property
Weight x
Can be imbued on:
Armor No
Jewelery No
Melee Weapons No
Missile Weapons No
Musical Instruments No
Shields No

Also required for imbuing above 90% of the cap

This page is a stub.

Items with Weapon Speed

Common Items

UO-Item-11557-0.png Ancient Wild Staff Weapon Speed 2.25s
UO-Item-11557-0.png Arcanist's Wild Staff Weapon Speed 2.25s
UO-Item-11553-0.png Assassin Spike Weapon Speed 2s
UO-Item-3913-0.png Axe Weapon Speed 3s
UO-Item-3917-0.png Bardiche Weapon Speed 3.75s
UO-Item-3911-0.png Battle Axe Weapon Speed 3.5s
UO-Item-3568-0.png Black Staff Weapon Speed 2.75s
UO-Item-9917-0.png Bladed Staff Weapon Speed 3s
UO-Item-16498-0.png Bloodblade Weapon Speed 2s
UO-Item-10152-0.png Bokuto Weapon Speed 2s
UO-Item-9915-0.png Bone Harvester Weapon Speed 3s
UO-Item-16487-0.png Boomerang Weapon Speed 2.75s
UO-Item-5042-0.png Bow Weapon Speed 4.25s
UO-Item-3934-0.png Broadsword Weapon Speed 3.25s
UO-Item-5110-0.png Butcher Knife Weapon Speed 2.25s
UO-Item-3778-0.png Cleaver Weapon Speed 2.5s
UO-Item-9922-0.png Composite Bow Weapon Speed 4s
UO-Item-9921-0.png Crescent Blade Weapon Speed 2.5s
UO-Item-3919-0.png Crossbow Weapon Speed 4.5s
UO-Item-5185-0.png Cutlass Weapon Speed 2.5s
UO-Item-16492-0.png Cyclone Weapon Speed 3.25s
UO-Item-3921-0.png Dagger Weapon Speed 2s
UO-Item-10153-0.png Daisho Weapon Speed 2.75s
UO-Item-11556-0.png Diamond Mace Weapon Speed 3.25s
UO-Item-16494-0.png Disc Mace Weapon Speed 2.75s
UO-Item-3915-0.png Double Axe Weapon Speed 3.25s
UO-Item-9919-0.png Double Bladed Staff Weapon Speed 2.25s
UO-Item-16500-0.png Dread Sword Weapon Speed 3.5s
UO-Item-16493-0.png Dual Pointed Spear Weapon Speed 2.25s
UO-Item-16488-0.png Dual Short Axes Weapon Speed 3s
UO-Item-11550-0.png Elven Composite Longbow Weapon Speed 3.75s
UO-Item-11561-0.png Elven Machete Weapon Speed 2.75s
UO-Item-11552-0.png Elven Spellblade Weapon Speed 2.5s
UO-Item-5049-1901.png Evocaricus (Juggernaut Set) Weapon Speed 3.75s
UO-Item-3909-0.png Executioner's Axe Weapon Speed 3.25s
UO-Item-3720-0.png Farmer Nash's Pitchfork Weapon Speed 2.5s
UO-Item-18610-0.png Gargish Axe Weapon Speed 3s
UO-Item-18612-0.png Gargish Bardiche Weapon Speed 3.75s
UO-Item-18608-0.png Gargish Battle Axe Weapon Speed 3.5s
UO-Item-18630-0.png Gargish Bone Harvester Weapon Speed 3s
UO-Item-18614-0.png Gargish Butcher’s Knife Weapon Speed 2.25s
UO-Item-18606-0.png Gargish Cleaver Weapon Speed 2.5s
UO-Item-16490-0.png Gargish Dagger Weapon Speed 2s
UO-Item-18640-0.png Gargish Daisho Weapon Speed 2.75s
UO-Item-18616-0.png Gargish Gnarled Staff Weapon Speed 3.25s
UO-Item-18618-0.png Gargish Katana Weapon Speed 2.5s
UO-Item-18620-0.png Gargish Kryss Weapon Speed 2s
UO-Item-18634-0.png Gargish Lance Weapon Speed 4.25s
UO-Item-18626-0.png Gargish Maul Weapon Speed 3.5s
UO-Item-18632-0.png Gargish Pike Weapon Speed 3s
UO-Item-18628-0.png Gargish Scythe Weapon Speed 3.5s
UO-Item-16501-0.png Gargish Talwar Weapon Speed 3.5s
UO-Item-18638-0.png Gargish Tekagi Weapon Speed 2s
UO-Item-18636-0.png Gargish Tessen Weapon Speed 2s
UO-Item-18622-0.png Gargish War Fork Weapon Speed 2.5s
UO-Item-18624-0.png Gargish War Hammer Weapon Speed 3.75s
UO-Item-16496-0.png Glass Staff Weapon Speed 2.25s
UO-Item-16499-0.png Glass Sword Weapon Speed 2.75s
UO-Item-5112-0.png Gnarled Staff Weapon Speed 3.25s
UO-Item-5183-0.png Halberd Weapon Speed 4s
UO-Item-4138-0.png Hammer Weapon Speed 2.5s
UO-Item-5181-0.png Hammer Pick Weapon Speed 3.25s
UO-Item-11557-0.png Hardened Wild Staff Weapon Speed 2.25s
UO-Item-3907-0.png Hatchet Weapon Speed 2.75s
UO-Item-5117-0.png Heavy Crossbow Weapon Speed 5s
UO-Item-10157-0.png Kama Weapon Speed 2s
UO-Item-5119-0.png Katana Weapon Speed 2.5s
UO-Item-9916-2967.png Key Of The Caretaker Weapon Speed 3.5s
UO-Item-5121-0.png Kryss Weapon Speed 2s
UO-Item-10151-0.png Lajatang Weapon Speed 3.5s
UO-Item-9920-0.png Lance Weapon Speed 4.25s
UO-Item-5115-0.png Large Battle Axe Weapon Speed 3.75s
UO-Item-11554-0.png Leafblade Weapon Speed 2.75s
UO-Item-3937-0.png Longsword Weapon Speed 3.5s
UO-Item-3932-0.png Mace Weapon Speed 2.75s
UO-Item-11551-0.png Magical Shortbow Weapon Speed 3s
UO-Item-5179-0.png Maul Weapon Speed 3.5s
UO-Item-10146-0.png No-Dachi Weapon Speed 3.5s
UO-Item-10158-0.png Nunchaku Weapon Speed 2.5s
UO-Item-11560-0.png Ornate Axe Weapon Speed 3.75s
UO-Item-3718-0.png Pickaxe Weapon Speed 3s
UO-Item-9918-0.png Pike Weapon Speed 3s
UO-Item-3720-0.png Pitchfork Weapon Speed 2.5s
UO-Item-3721-0.png Quarter Staff Weapon Speed 2.25s
UO-Item-11571-0.png Radiant Scimitar Weapon Speed 2.5s
UO-Item-9923-0.png Repeating Crossbow Weapon Speed 2.75s
UO-Item-11558-0.png Rune Blade Weapon Speed 3s
UO-Item-10159-0.png Sai Weapon Speed 2s
UO-Item-9916-0.png Scepter Weapon Speed 3.5s
UO-Item-5046-0.png Scimitar Weapon Speed 3s
UO-Item-9914-0.png Scythe Weapon Speed 3.5s
UO-Item-16495-0.png Serpentstone Staff Weapon Speed 3.5s
UO-Item-3713-0.png Shepherd's Crook Weapon Speed 2.75s
UO-Item-5123-0.png Short Spear Weapon Speed 2s
UO-Item-16502-0.png Shortblade Weapon Speed 2.25s
UO-Item-3781-0.png Skinning Knife Weapon Speed 2.25s
UO-Item-4020-0.png Sledge Hammer Weapon Speed 3.25s
UO-Item-5091-0.png Smith's Hammer Weapon Speed 3.25s
UO-Item-16491-0.png Soul Glaive Weapon Speed 4s
UO-Item-3938-0.png Spear Weapon Speed 2.75s
UO-Item-16497-0.png Stone War Sword Weapon Speed 3.75s
UO-Item-5042-2210.png Swiftflight Weapon Speed 4.25s
UO-Item-10155-0.png Tekagi Weapon Speed 2s
UO-Item-10147-0.png Tessen Weapon Speed 2s
UO-Item-10150-0.png Tetsubo Weapon Speed 2.5s
UO-Item-5112-2734.png The Staff Of Kalen's Apprentice Weapon Speed 3.25s
UO-Item-11557-0.png Thorned Wild Staff Weapon Speed 2.25s
UO-Item-5187-0.png Two Handed Axe Weapon Speed 3.5s
UO-Item-5049-0.png Viking Sword Weapon Speed 3.75s
UO-Item-10148-0.png Wakizashi Weapon Speed 2.5s
UO-Item-5040-0.png War Axe Weapon Speed 3s
UO-Item-11555-0.png War Cleaver Weapon Speed 2.25s
UO-Item-5125-0.png War Fork Weapon Speed 2.5s
UO-Item-5177-0.png War Hammer Weapon Speed 3.75s
UO-Item-5127-0.png War Mace Weapon Speed 3.75s
UO-Item-11557-0.png Wild Staff Weapon Speed 2.25s
UO-Item-10149-0.png Yumi Weapon Speed 3.25s

Artifact Items

UO-Item-3919-1910.png Abhorrence Weapon Speed 4.5s
UO-Item-2304-997.png Abyssal Blade Weapon Speed 3.75s
UO-Item-11561-0.png Adventurer's Machete Weapon Speed 2.75s
UO-Item-5127-1152.png Arctic Death Dealer Weapon Speed 3.75s
UO-Item-11551-0.png Assassin's Shortbow Weapon Speed 3s
UO-Item-5115-356.png Axe Of Abandon Weapon Speed 3.75s
UO-Item-2301-238.png Axes Of Fury Weapon Speed 3s
UO-Item-2305-1284.png Banshee's Call Weapon Speed 3.25s
UO-Item-11550-0.png Barbed Longbow Weapon Speed 3.75s
UO-Item-2311-1150.png Blade Of Battle Weapon Speed 2.25s
UO-Item-5183-1281.png Blaze Of Death Weapon Speed 4s
UO-Item-11550-2212.png Blight Gripped Longbow Weapon Speed 3.75s
UO-Item-526-0.png Bone Machete Weapon Speed 2.75s
UO-Item-5042-1120.png Bow Of The Juka King Weapon Speed 4.25s
UO-Item-5119-1150.png Brave Knight Of The Britannia [Replica] Weapon Speed 2.5s
UO-Item-11555-0.png Butcher's War Cleaver Weapon Speed 2.25s
UO-Item-5183-715.png Calm [Replica] Weapon Speed 4s
ImageNotAvailable.png Captain Johne's Blade Weapon Speed 2.75s
UO-Item-5046-1910.png Captain Johne's Blade Weapon Speed 3s
UO-Item-9917-206.png Cavalry's Folly Weapon Speed 3s
UO-Item-5043-1427.png Cavorting Club Weapon Speed 2.5s
UO-Item-2316-195.png Channeler's Defender Weapon Speed 2.75s
UO-Item-11553-0.png Charged Assassin Spike Weapon Speed 2s
UO-Item-10155-1778.png Claws Of The Berserker Weapon Speed 2s
UO-Item-11552-1266.png Cold Forged Blade Weapon Speed 2.5s
UO-Item-11558-0.png Corrupted Rune Blade Weapon Speed 3s
ImageNotAvailable.png Craven Weapon Speed 2.25s
UO-Item-3720-1365.png Craven Weapon Speed 2.5s
ImageNotAvailable.png Darkened Sky Weapon Speed 2s
UO-Item-11571-0.png Darkglow Scimitar Weapon Speed 2.5s
UO-Item-2307-900.png Death's Head Weapon Speed 2.75s
UO-Item-10159-0.png Demon Forks Weapon Speed 2s
ImageNotAvailable.png Demon Hunter's Standard Weapon Speed 2.75s
UO-Item-11561-0.png Diseased Machete Weapon Speed 2.75s
UO-Item-5118-1177.png Draconi's Wrath Weapon Speed 2.5s
UO-Item-10158-0.png Dragon Nunchaku Weapon Speed 2.5s
UO-Item-11556-0.png Emerald Mace Weapon Speed 3.25s
UO-Item-5123-2213.png Enchanted Titan Leg Bone Weapon Speed 2s
ImageNotAvailable.png Equivocation Weapon Speed 3.25s
ImageNotAvailable.png Equivocation Weapon Speed 3.25s
ImageNotAvailable.png Eternal Guardian Staff Weapon Speed 3.25s
UO-Item-10150-0.png Exiler Weapon Speed 2.5s
UO-Item-11550-1360.png Faerie Fire Weapon Speed 3.75s
UO-Item-5121-279.png Fang Of Ractus [Replica] Weapon Speed 2s
UO-Item-11552-0.png Fiery Spellblade Weapon Speed 2.5s
UO-Item-11550-0.png Frozen Longbow Weapon Speed 3.75s
UO-Item-18616-1902.png Gargish Kotl Black Rod Weapon Speed 2.25s
UO-Item-11560-0.png Guardian Axe Weapon Speed 3.75s
UO-Item-10149-0.png Hanzo's Bow Weapon Speed 3.25s
UO-Item-11560-0.png Heavy Ornate Axe Weapon Speed 3.75s
UO-Item-11571-0.png Icy Scimitar Weapon Speed 2.5s
UO-Item-11552-0.png Icy Spellblade Weapon Speed 2.5s
UO-Item-9922-888.png Ironwood Composite Bow Weapon Speed 4s
UO-Item-5040-1162.png Jade War Axe Weapon Speed 3s
UO-Item-11555-0.png Knight's War Cleaver Weapon Speed 2.25s
UO-Item-3721-1902.png Kotl Black Rod Weapon Speed 2.25s
UO-Item-11554-0.png Leafblade Of Ease Weapon Speed 2.75s
UO-Item-2315-150.png Legacy Of Despair Weapon Speed 3.5s
UO-Item-2302-332.png Life Syphon Weapon Speed 2s
UO-Item-2312-2070.png Light In The Void Weapon Speed 3.5s
UO-Item-11551-0.png Lightweight Shortbow Weapon Speed 3s
UO-Item-11550-0.png Longbow Of Might Weapon Speed 3.75s
UO-Item-11554-0.png Luckblade Weapon Speed 2.75s
UO-Item-11558-1278.png Luminous Rune Blade Weapon Speed 3s
UO-Item-9920-1150.png Luna Lance Weapon Speed 4.25s
UO-Item-11561-0.png Machete Of Defense Weapon Speed 2.75s
UO-Item-11558-0.png Mage's Rune Blade Weapon Speed 3s
UO-Item-11553-0.png Magekiller Assassin Spike Weapon Speed 2s
UO-Item-11554-0.png Magekiller Leafblade Weapon Speed 2.75s
UO-Item-3934-1191.png Mangler Weapon Speed 3.25s
UO-Item-11551-1365.png Mischief Maker Weapon Speed 3s
UO-Item-11551-0.png Mystical Shortbow Weapon Speed 3s
UO-Item-3921-1109.png Night's Kiss Weapon Speed 2s
UO-Item-5117-1420.png Nox Ranger's Heavy Crossbow Weapon Speed 5s
UO-Item-3921-0.png Oblivion's Needle [Replica] Weapon Speed 2s
UO-Item-11561-0.png Orcish Machete Weapon Speed 2.75s
UO-Item-11559-1260.png Overseer Sundered Blade Weapon Speed 2.5s
UO-Item-9918-2101.png Pacify [Replica] Weapon Speed 3s
UO-Item-10152-0.png Peasant's Bokuto Weapon Speed 2s
UO-Item-2310-2001.png Petrified Snake Weapon Speed 3.5s
UO-Item-11557-1.png Phantom Staff Weapon Speed 2.25s
UO-Item-10147-0.png Pilfered Dancer Fans Weapon Speed 2s
UO-Item-3911-1910.png Pincer Weapon Speed 3.5s
ImageNotAvailable.png Pincer Weapon Speed 3.5s
UO-Item-9916-138.png Pixie Swatter Weapon Speed 3.5s
UO-Item-5183-715.png Quell [Replica] Weapon Speed 3.75s
UO-Item-11551-0.png Ranger's Shortbow Weapon Speed 3s
ImageNotAvailable.png Raptor Claw Weapon Speed 2.75s
UO-Item-3721-990.png Resonant Staff Of Enlightenment Weapon Speed 2.25s
UO-Item-3721-990.png Resonant Staff Of Enlightenment Weapon Speed 2.25s
UO-Item-3721-990.png Resonant Staff Of Enlightenment Weapon Speed 2.25s
UO-Item-3721-990.png Resonant Staff Of Enlightenment Weapon Speed 2.25s
UO-Item-3721-990.png Resonant Staff Of Enlightenment Weapon Speed 2.25s
UO-Item-5110-0.png Royal Guard Survival Knife [Replica] Weapon Speed 2.25s
UO-Item-11556-0.png Ruby Mace Weapon Speed 3.25s
UO-Item-11558-0.png Rune Blade Of Knowledge Weapon Speed 3s
UO-Item-11553-1165.png Rune Carving Knife Weapon Speed 2s
UO-Item-11558-0.png Runesabre Weapon Speed 3s
UO-Item-11556-0.png Sapphire Mace Weapon Speed 3.25s
UO-Item-11555-0.png Serrated War Cleaver Weapon Speed 2.25s
UO-Item-11556-1266.png Shard Thrasher Weapon Speed 3.25s
UO-Item-11550-26.png Silvani's Feywood Bow Weapon Speed 3.75s
UO-Item-11556-0.png Silver-Etched Mace Weapon Speed 3.25s
UO-Item-11560-0.png Singing Axe Weapon Speed 3.75s
UO-Item-11550-0.png Slayer Longbow Weapon Speed 3.75s
UO-Item-11552-0.png Spellblade Of Defense Weapon Speed 2.5s
UO-Item-3568-1266.png Staff Of Power Weapon Speed 2.75s
UO-Item-2309-2107.png Staff Of Resonance Weapon Speed 2.25s
UO-Item-16496-0.png Staff Of Shattered Dreams Weapon Speed 2.25s
UO-Item-9919-1164.png Standard Of Chaos Weapon Speed 2.25s
UO-Item-2308-1164.png Standard Of Chaos Weapon Speed 2.25s
UO-Item-2306-875.png Stone Dragon's Tooth Weapon Speed 2s
UO-Item-16492-1150.png Stone Slith Claw Weapon Speed 3s
UO-Item-2303-1159.png Storm Caller Weapon Speed 2.75s
UO-Item-9914-1159.png Subdue [Replica] Weapon Speed 3.5s
UO-Item-16499-0.png Sword Of Shattered Hopes Weapon Speed 2.75s
UO-Item-10146-0.png Sword Of The Stampede Weapon Speed 3.5s
UO-Item-10153-0.png Swords Of Prosperity Weapon Speed 2.75s
UO-Item-10146-0.png The Destroyer Weapon Speed 3.5s
UO-Item-10149-0.png The Horselord Weapon Speed 3.25s
UO-Item-5181-2101.png The Impaler's Pick Weapon Speed 3.25s
UO-Item-9933-1052.png The Night Reaper Weapon Speed 2.75s
UO-Item-11560-0.png Thundering Axe Weapon Speed 3.75s
UO-Item-11553-0.png True Assassin Spike Weapon Speed 2s
UO-Item-11554-0.png True Leafblade Weapon Speed 2.75s
UO-Item-11571-0.png True Radiant Scimitar Weapon Speed 2.5s
UO-Item-11552-0.png True Spellblade Weapon Speed 2.5s
UO-Item-11555-0.png True War Cleaver Weapon Speed 2.25s
UO-Item-11571-0.png Twinkling Scimitar Weapon Speed 2.5s
UO-Item-2314-1202.png Valkyrie's Glaive Weapon Speed 4s
UO-Item-5185-332.png Vampiric Essence Weapon Speed 2.5s
UO-Item-10147-0.png Wind's Edge Weapon Speed 2s
UO-Item-11553-0.png Wounding Assassin Spike Weapon Speed 2s
UO-Item-5112-668.png Wrath Of The Dryad Weapon Speed 3.25s

Rare Items

UO-Item-5041-1166.png Cupids Lucky In Love Bow Weapon Speed 4.25s
UO-Item-11561-2949.png General Feathers' Meat Cleaver Weapon Speed 2.75s
UO-Item-9934-2673.png "The B.F.S."; Massive, Thick, Heavy, And Far Too Rough... Indeed, It Was Like A Heap Of Raw Iron... Weapon Speed 5s
UO-Item-3934-2498.png "The Sword That Killed Isudal, The Dark Sorcerer" Weapon Speed 3.25s
UO-Item-3571-1174.png (A Handheld Fireworks Made By Orc Bomber Pyrotechnist) Weapon Speed 2.75s
UO-Item-3921-0.png 1 Weapon Speed 2s
UO-Item-3921-0.png 10 Weapon Speed 2s
UO-Item-3921-0.png 2 Weapon Speed 2s
UO-Item-3921-0.png 5 Weapon Speed 2s
UO-Item-3921-0.png 7 Weapon Speed 2s
UO-Item-9922-1172.png A Beloved Relic Of The Immortal Deity Of Desire, Adonis Weapon Speed 4s
UO-Item-3909-38.png A Blood Soaked Axe Designed To Decapitate Heads Weapon Speed 3.25s
UO-Item-5042-0.png A Bow (practice Weapon) Weapon Speed 4.25s
UO-Item-5042-0.png A Bow Of Arachnid Doom Weapon Speed 4.25s
UO-Item-5042-1107.png A Bow Of Arachnid Doom Weapon Speed 4.25s
UO-Item-5042-0.png A Bow Of Blood Drinking Weapon Speed 4.25s
UO-Item-5042-1107.png A Bow Of Blood Drinking Weapon Speed 4.25s
UO-Item-5042-0.png A Bow Of Daemon Dismissal Weapon Speed 4.25s
UO-Item-5042-1107.png A Bow Of Daemon Dismissal Weapon Speed 4.25s
UO-Item-5042-0.png A Bow Of Dragon Slaying Weapon Speed 4.25s
UO-Item-5042-1107.png A Bow Of Dragon Slaying Weapon Speed 4.25s
UO-Item-5042-0.png A Bow Of Earth Shatter Weapon Speed 4.25s
UO-Item-5042-1107.png A Bow Of Earth Shatter Weapon Speed 4.25s
UO-Item-5042-0.png A Bow Of Elemental Ban Weapon Speed 4.25s
UO-Item-5042-1107.png A Bow Of Elemental Ban Weapon Speed 4.25s
UO-Item-5042-0.png A Bow Of Elemental Health Weapon Speed 4.25s
UO-Item-5042-1107.png A Bow Of Elemental Health Weapon Speed 4.25s
UO-Item-5042-0.png A Bow Of Exorcism Weapon Speed 4.25s
UO-Item-5042-1107.png A Bow Of Exorcism Weapon Speed 4.25s
UO-Item-5042-0.png A Bow Of Flame Dousing Weapon Speed 4.25s
UO-Item-5042-1107.png A Bow Of Flame Dousing Weapon Speed 4.25s
UO-Item-5042-0.png A Bow Of Gargoyle's Foe Weapon Speed 4.25s
UO-Item-5042-1107.png A Bow Of Gargoyle's Foe Weapon Speed 4.25s
UO-Item-5042-0.png A Bow Of Lizardman Slaughter Weapon Speed 4.25s
UO-Item-5042-1107.png A Bow Of Lizardman Slaughter Weapon Speed 4.25s
UO-Item-5042-0.png A Bow Of Ogre Thrashing Weapon Speed 4.25s
UO-Item-5042-1107.png A Bow Of Ogre Thrashing Weapon Speed 4.25s
UO-Item-5042-0.png A Bow Of Ophidian Slaying Weapon Speed 4.25s
UO-Item-5042-1107.png A Bow Of Ophidian Slaying Weapon Speed 4.25s
UO-Item-5042-0.png A Bow Of Orc Slaying Weapon Speed 4.25s
UO-Item-5042-1107.png A Bow Of Orc Slaying Weapon Speed 4.25s
UO-Item-5042-0.png A Bow Of Reptillian Death Weapon Speed 4.25s
UO-Item-5042-1107.png A Bow Of Reptillian Death Weapon Speed 4.25s
UO-Item-5042-0.png A Bow Of Scorpion's Bane Weapon Speed 4.25s
UO-Item-5042-1107.png A Bow Of Scorpion's Bane Weapon Speed 4.25s
UO-Item-5042-0.png A Bow Of Snake's Bane Weapon Speed 4.25s
UO-Item-5042-1107.png A Bow Of Snake's Bane Weapon Speed 4.25s
UO-Item-5042-0.png A Bow Of Spider's Death Weapon Speed 4.25s
UO-Item-5042-1107.png A Bow Of Spider's Death Weapon Speed 4.25s
UO-Item-5042-0.png A Bow Of Summer Wind Weapon Speed 4.25s
UO-Item-5042-1107.png A Bow Of Summer Wind Weapon Speed 4.25s
UO-Item-5042-0.png A Bow Of Terathan Slaying Weapon Speed 4.25s
UO-Item-5042-1107.png A Bow Of Terathan Slaying Weapon Speed 4.25s
UO-Item-5042-0.png A Bow Of Troll Slaughter Weapon Speed 4.25s
UO-Item-5042-1107.png A Bow Of Troll Slaughter Weapon Speed 4.25s
UO-Item-5042-0.png A Bow Of Vacuum Weapon Speed 4.25s
UO-Item-5042-1107.png A Bow Of Vacuum Weapon Speed 4.25s
UO-Item-5042-0.png A Bow Of Water Dissipation Weapon Speed 4.25s
UO-Item-5042-1107.png A Bow Of Water Dissipation Weapon Speed 4.25s
UO-Item-3932-0.png A Brilliantly Jeweled Encrusted Mace : The Name "Daemon Fist" Is Etched In The Metal Weapon Speed 3.75s
UO-Item-3718-767.png A Broken Pickaxe With A Skeletal Hand Still Clenched Around The Handle Weapon Speed 3s
UO-Item-5109-2114.png A Bronze Sheperd's Crook Weapon Speed 40s
UO-Item-5110-438.png A Butcher Knife Used To Slice And Dice Weapon Speed 2.25s
UO-Item-3934-168.png A Captians Blade Weapon Speed 3.25s
UO-Item-5121-0.png A Cave Trolls Fang Weapon Speed 2s
UO-Item-3571-0.png A Celebratory Wand Of Fireworks - July 2010 Weapon Speed 2.75s
UO-Item-9922-2125.png A Ceremonial Bow Weapon Speed 4s
UO-Item-5184-1920.png A Christmas Cutlass Weapon Speed 2.5s
UO-Item-9921-1954.png A Crescent Blade Carved Entirely Of Dragon Glass Weapon Speed 2.5s
UO-Item-5109-0.png A Crook (practice Weapon) Weapon Speed 2.75s
UO-Item-11569-1925.png A Crumbling Tribute To The Avatar Of Decay Weapon Speed 2.25s
UO-Item-5123-653.png A Crusty Ancient Leg Bone Weapon Speed 2s
UO-Item-3718-772.png A Crusty Pickaxe Coated in Zombie Goop Weapon Speed 3s
UO-Item-3921-0.png A Cut-Throat Dagger Weapon Speed 2s
UO-Item-5185-2219.png A Cutlass Crafted On The Forge Of Ice Weapon Speed 2.5s
UO-Item-5046-1166.png A Cutlass With A Skull And Cross Bones Engraved On The Hilt Weapon Speed 3s
UO-Item-3913-537.png A Damaged Combat Axe Weapon Speed 3s
UO-Item-5049-0.png A Dark Elf Assassin Sword Weapon Speed 3.75s
UO-Item-5121-0.png A Dark Elf Assassin's Kryss Weapon Speed 2s
UO-Item-3937-1109.png A Dark Elf Longsword Weapon Speed 3.5s
UO-Item-5121-902.png A Dark Elf Longsword Mangled By The Teeth Of A Gargantuan Tunnel Worm Weapon Speed 2s
UO-Item-5121-39.png A Deadly Kryss Weapon Speed 2s
UO-Item-5177-132.png A Demon Hammer Splashed With Pixie Gore Weapon Speed 3.75s
UO-Item-5119-0.png A Demon Sword Weapon Speed 2.5s
UO-Item-3921-1152.png A Diamond Shard Weapon Speed 2s
UO-Item-5185-0.png A Dread Pirate's Sword Weapon Speed 2.5s
UO-Item-3921-321.png A Fairie Dragon Tooth Weapon Speed 2s
UO-Item-5112-1177.png A Fibril Of The Gyre Of Existence Weapon Speed 3.25s
UO-Item-3913-0.png A Finely Crafted Blackaxe Weapon Weapon Speed 3s
UO-Item-11556-32.png A Finely Crafted Mace Created By Margut Weapon Speed 3.25s
UO-Item-5042-1110.png A Finely Crafted Yew Bow Weapon Speed 4.25s
UO-Item-9918-33.png A Firefighter's Pike Pole Weapon Speed 3s
UO-Item-5041-0.png A Fortified, Exceedingly Accurate, Silver Bow Of Power Weapon Speed 4.25s
UO-Item-5183-0.png A Fortified, Exceedingly Accurate, Silver Halberd Of Power Weapon Speed 4s
UO-Item-5117-0.png A Fortified, Exceedingly Accurate, Silver Heavy Crossbow Of Power Weapon Speed 5s
UO-Item-5119-0.png A Fortified, Exceedingly Accurate, Silver Katana Of Power Weapon Speed 2.5s
UO-Item-5047-0.png A Fortified, Exceedingly Accurate, Silver Long Sword Of Power Weapon Speed 3.5s
UO-Item-5123-0.png A Fortified, Exceedingly Accurate, Silver Short Spear Of Power Weapon Speed 2s
UO-Item-5039-0.png A Fortified, Exceedingly Accurate, Silver War Axe Of Power Weapon Speed 3s
UO-Item-5176-0.png A Fortified, Exceedingly Accurate, Silver War Hammer Of Power Weapon Speed 3.75s
UO-Item-5042-1153.png A Frosted Bow Weapon Speed 4.25s
UO-Item-3921-1255.png A Gargish Dagger Weapon Speed 2s
UO-Item-3718-1152.png A Gargoyle's Pickaxe Weapon Speed 35s
UO-Item-3718-1153.png A Gargoyle's Pickaxe Weapon Speed 35s
UO-Item-3718-1259.png A Gargoyle's Pickaxe Weapon Speed 35s
UO-Item-11560-2126.png A Gem Encrusted Axe Bearing The Crest Of Clan Iishh Weapon Speed 3.75s
UO-Item-5110-1152.png A Glass Shard Weapon Speed 2.25s
UO-Item-5121-148.png A Golden Dragon's Tooth [January 2010, Europa] Weapon Speed 2s
UO-Item-5109-2214.png A Golden Sheperd's Crook Weapon Speed 40s
UO-Item-5117-342.png A Harpoon Weapon Speed 5s
UO-Item-5186-0.png A Jewel Encrusted Axe: As You Examine The Axe You Notice A Faint Bluish Glow Surrounding The Weapon. Weapon Speed 3.5s
UO-Item-5046-0.png A Jewel Encrusted Scimitar, The Inscription Appears To Have Been Filed Off Weapon Speed 3s
UO-Item-5119-0.png A Jukan Ceremonial Katana Weapon Speed 2.5s
UO-Item-3937-2708.png A Kilorn Blade From The Hand Of Mors Gotha Weapon Speed 3.5s
UO-Item-5182-2709.png A Knockoff Britain Guard Halberd Weapon Speed 4s
UO-Item-3569-932.png A Lich's Staff Weapon Speed 2.75s
UO-Item-3937-0.png A Longsword (practice Weapon) Weapon Speed 3.5s
UO-Item-3932-0.png A Mace (practice Weapon) Weapon Speed 2.75s
UO-Item-5042-0.png A Magic Bow Weapon Speed 4.25s
UO-Item-5112-333.png A Magical Fireworks Staff (2010) Weapon Speed 3.25s
UO-Item-5119-472.png A Master's Energy Sabre Weapon Speed 2.5s
UO-Item-5041-0.png A Modest Reward For The Defense Of Skara Brae Weapon Speed 4.25s
UO-Item-3570-33.png A Necromancer Wand with a Magic Glimmering Gem [Cursed] Weapon Speed 2.75s
UO-Item-3719-53.png A Pitchfork Of EM Skewering Weapon Speed 2.5s
UO-Item-3573-1283.png A Projected Image Of A Wand Weapon Speed 2.75s
UO-Item-11559-1961.png A Prophetic Sacrificial Blade Of The End Times Weapon Speed 2.5s
UO-Item-5044-0.png A Race Baton Weapon Speed 2.5s
UO-Item-5183-0.png A Recruit Issue Royal Guard Halberd Weapon Speed 4s
UO-Item-5108-33.png A Red Cane Made Of Candy Weapon Speed 2.75s
UO-Item-11561-0.png A Replica Of Mutilator's Machete Weapon Speed 2.75s
UO-Item-9916-2076.png A Replica Of The Magician's Wand Weapon Speed 3.5s
UO-Item-5120-1910.png A Replica Of The Vulcan's Madness Kryss Weapon Speed 2s
UO-Item-9935-2076.png A Replica of Kabur's Sword Weapon Speed 5s
UO-Item-5042-0.png A Repond Bow Weapon Speed 4.25s
UO-Item-5042-1107.png A Repond Bow Weapon Speed 4.25s
UO-Item-5183-1260.png A Royal Guards Golden Retirement Weapon Weapon Speed 4s
UO-Item-11559-52.png A Rune Etched Scimitar Weapon Speed 2.5s
UO-Item-3571-54.png A Rune Etched Wand Weapon Speed 2.75s
UO-Item-3718-902.png A Rusted Pickaxe With Zombie Brains Splattered All Over It Weapon Speed 3s
UO-Item-5185-1639.png A Rusty Cutlass Weapon Speed 2.5s
UO-Item-3718-1141.png A Rusty Pickaxe Weapon Speed 3s
UO-Item-9916-391.png A Scepter Engraved With The Words - Am Beh Harm Cor Lum Ben-Tas Weapon Speed 3.5s
UO-Item-5121-2638.png A Serpentine Sword Of The Library Of Scars, Forged To Afflict Painfully Devastating Wounds Weapon Speed 2s
UO-Item-3938-1109.png A Sharpened Stick Weapon Speed 2.75s
UO-Item-3938-1157.png A Sharpened Stick Weapon Speed 2.75s
UO-Item-3713-1195.png A Shepards's Crook Which Was Discovered From Mysterious Place Weapon Speed 2.75s
UO-Item-5109-2101.png A Silver Sheperd's Crook Weapon Speed 40s
UO-Item-4021-0.png A Smith Hammer Crafter By The Royal Tinkers Weapon Speed 3.25s
UO-Item-5112-1287.png A Sparkling Staff Weapon Speed 3.25s
UO-Item-9916-902.png A Spike With The Head Of A Scout Impaled On It Weapon Speed 3.5s
UO-Item-3718-757.png A Splintered Pickaxe Weapon Speed 3s
UO-Item-3569-0.png A Staff Created By Tohlum The Evil Earth Wizard Weapon Speed 39s
UO-Item-3569-113.png A Staff Of Greater Elemental Summoning Weapon Speed 2.75s
UO-Item-3568-0.png A Staff Of Relocation Weapon Speed 2.75s
UO-Item-3569-296.png A Staff Of The Seers Of The Moonstone Weapon Speed 2.75s
UO-Item-3718-347.png A Sturdy Dwarven Tool Weapon Speed 3s
UO-Item-3937-703.png A Sword Made From The Bones Of The Pit Lord Weapon Speed 3.5s
UO-Item-9922-1426.png A Twisted Jungle Vine Bow Weapon Speed 4s
UO-Item-5121-1153.png A Unicorn Horn Carved Into A Razor Sharp Kryss By The Juka Weapon Speed 2s
UO-Item-3916-2731.png A Viking Blood Axe Weapon Speed 3.25s
UO-Item-5049-38.png A Viking Sword (blessed) Weapon Speed 3.75s
UO-Item-3932-518.png A Void Touched Weapon Weapon Speed 2.75s
UO-Item-3937-518.png A Void Touched Weapon Weapon Speed 3.5s
UO-Item-5121-518.png A Void Touched Weapon Weapon Speed 2s
UO-Item-3921-1153.png A Walrus Husk Weapon Speed 2s
UO-Item-5127-1361.png A War Mace Bearing The Iron Serpent, Engraved: "Quia Pulvis Eris Et In Pulverem Reverteris" Weapon Speed 3.75s
UO-Item-10148-472.png A Well Used Toy Sword - Sonoma 2010 Weapon Speed 2.5s
UO-Item-10148-72.png A Well Used Toy Sword - Sonoma 2010 Weapon Speed 2.5s
UO-Item-5185-33.png A Worn Pirate Cutlass Weapon Speed 2.5s
UO-Item-5041-251.png A Yew Wood Bow Weapon Speed 4.25s
UO-Item-3721-0.png A Yew Wood Staff Carved With Reptilian Images Weapon Speed 2.25s
UO-Item-5123-2076.png A Zealan Spear Used In The Grimswind Raid Weapon Speed 2s
UO-Item-5042-1157.png Adept Archer - Third Place Weapon Speed 4.25s
UO-Item-3907-1157.png Adept Hatchet Thrower - Third Place Weapon Speed 2.75s
UO-Item-3934-1287.png Algid Weapon Speed 3.25s
UO-Item-3921-1644.png Alpha Hellhound Fang Weapon Speed 2s
UO-Item-9935-2076.png Ame No Murakumo No Tsurugi Weapon Speed 5s
UO-Item-5112-0.png An Ancient Staff Weapon Speed 3.25s
UO-Item-3569-398.png An Apprentice's Staff From Umbra University Writhing With Stored Power Weapon Speed 2.75s
UO-Item-3569-398.png An Apprentices Staff Writhing With Stored Power Weapon Speed 2.75s
UO-Item-3909-1358.png An Axe Of Pirate Slaying +4 Weapon Speed 3.25s
UO-Item-3569-0.png An Ebony Staff Set With Intricate Carvings Weapon Speed 2.75s
UO-Item-5042-352.png An Elite Archer Bow Weapon Speed 4.25s
UO-Item-3921-0.png An Embossed Dagger Marking You An Honorary Member Of The Al'Suq Tribe Weapon Speed 56s
UO-Item-3938-642.png An Enchanted Fey Spear Weapon Speed 2.75s
UO-Item-3917-702.png An Enforcer's Bardiche Weapon Speed 3.75s
UO-Item-5187-638.png An Ethereal Daemon's Axe Of Acuity Weapon Speed 3.5s
UO-Item-3917-638.png An Ethereal Daemon's Eldritch Bardiche Weapon Speed 3.75s
UO-Item-5183-638.png An Ethereal Daemon's Hell Forged Halberd Weapon Speed 4s
UO-Item-5179-638.png An Ethereal Daemon's Maul Of Malice Weapon Speed 3.5s
UO-Item-3909-638.png An Ethereal Daemon's Plague-Infected Axe Weapon Speed 3.25s
UO-Item-3569-91.png An Illusion Of Adranaths Staff Weapon Speed 2.75s
UO-Item-3921-2128.png An Infectuous Dagger Weapon Speed 2s
UO-Item-5123-2128.png An Infectuous Spear Weapon Speed 2s
UO-Item-5121-913.png An Iron Pixie Skewer Weapon Speed 2s
UO-Item-4021-587.png An Orcish War Hammer Weapon Speed 3.25s
UO-Item-3921-1055.png An Ornate Turkey Shiv Weapon Speed 2s
UO-Item-12677-33.png Anameiu The Flame-Wielder's Flame Weapon Speed 2.5s
UO-Item-10152-0.png Anti-Guard's Proof Of Destruction Weapon Speed 2s
UO-Item-3718-0.png Archeologist Pick Weapon Speed 3s
UO-Item-5042-0.png Archer - Finalist Weapon Speed 4.25s
UO-Item-5183-1287.png Avenger's Hellebarte Weapon Speed 25s
UO-Item-5187-0.png Axe of Courage Weapon Speed 3.5s
UO-Item-5121-637.png Back Alley Deals Weapon Speed 2s
UO-Item-5125-1141.png Balron's Horns Weapon Speed 2.5s
UO-Item-5049-1165.png Bane Of Hythloth Weapon Speed 3.75s
UO-Item-5050-1159.png Bane Of Hythloth Weapon Speed 3.75s
UO-Item-3937-902.png Baneblade Weapon Speed 3.5s
UO-Item-5110-238.png Bartholomew's Discarded Scalpel Weapon Speed 2.25s
UO-Item-3911-0.png Battle Axe (practice Weapon) Weapon Speed 3.5s
UO-Item-5112-1284.png Beinnanoir, Staff Of The Archmage Weapon Speed 3.25s
UO-Item-5047-1287.png Beware The Ides Of March Weapon Speed 3.5s
UO-Item-3568-1652.png Black Staff Weapon Speed 2.75s
UO-Item-5049-0.png Blade of Iniquity Weapon Speed 3.75s
UO-Item-5187-1157.png Blood Axe Weapon Speed 3.5s
UO-Item-5187-1157.png Blood Pact Weapon Speed 3.5s
UO-Item-3913-37.png Bloodied Axe Recently Used In A Gruesome Murder Weapon Speed 3s
UO-Item-3922-0.png Bone Dagger Weapon Speed 2s
UO-Item-10148-351.png Bone Sword Weapon Speed 2.5s
UO-Item-5042-0.png Bow Weapon Speed 4.25s
UO-Item-5042-0.png Bow Weapon Speed 4.25s
UO-Item-5042-0.png Bow Weapon Speed 4.25s
UO-Item-5042-2010.png Bow Weapon Speed 4.25s
UO-Item-5041-1191.png Bow Weapon Speed 4.25s
UO-Item-5042-0.png Bow Weapon Speed 4.25s
UO-Item-5042-0.png Bow Weapon Speed 4.25s
UO-Item-5042-288.png Bow Weapon Speed 4.25s
UO-Item-5042-401.png Bow Weapon Speed 4.25s
UO-Item-5042-0.png Bow Weapon Speed 4.25s
UO-Item-5041-0.png Bow Weapon Speed 4.25s
UO-Item-5119-1150.png Brave Knight Of The Britannia Weapon Speed 2.5s
UO-Item-5119-1153.png Brave Knight Of The Britannia Weapon Speed 2.5s
UO-Item-3934-902.png Broadsword Bearing The Mark Of The Hellhound Clan On The Pommel Weapon Speed 3.25s
UO-Item-3935-0.png Broadsword Weapon Speed 3.25s
UO-Item-16912-2076.png Broken Brightblade Weapon Speed 2s
UO-Item-5179-2418.png Bronze Maul Weapon Speed 3.5s
UO-Item-5049-38.png Brother Pemenard's Blood Valor Sword Weapon Speed 3.75s
UO-Item-3934-1287.png Brumal Weapon Speed 3.25s
UO-Item-3721-1.png Cabalist's Staff Weapon Speed 2.25s
UO-Item-5049-1282.png Caliburn Reforged, The Britannian Sword Of Legend Weapon Speed 2.75s
UO-Item-5183-1159.png Calm Weapon Speed 4s
UO-Item-11569-1645.png Candy Cane Weapon Speed 2.25s
UO-Item-3937-513.png Ceremonial Sword Of The Minion Commander Weapon Speed 3.5s
UO-Item-11553-79.png Cert Dagger With Malachite And Turquiose Mosaic Weapon Speed 2s
UO-Item-11553-79.png Cert Dagger With Malachite And Turquiose Mosaic Taken From A Shadow Dweller Acolyte Weapon Speed 2s
UO-Item-5042-1157.png Champion Archer - First Place Weapon Speed 4.25s
UO-Item-3907-1157.png Champion Hatchet Thrower - First Place Weapon Speed 2.75s
UO-Item-3568-0.png Charred Ash Staff Weapon Speed 2.75s
UO-Item-10230-1157.png Claws Of The Broodmother Weapon Speed 2s
UO-Item-5044-0.png Club Weapon Speed 2.75s
UO-Item-5044-37.png Club Weapon Speed 2.5s
UO-Item-5046-903.png Corroded Scimitar Weapon Speed 3s
UO-Item-5109-1154.png Crook Of The Mystical Moo Weapon Speed 2.75s
UO-Item-3919-2401.png Crossbow Weapon Speed 4.5s
UO-Item-3907-1132.png Crude Orcish Axe Weapon Speed 2.75s
UO-Item-9916-33.png Crystal Staff Of Chaos Replica Weapon Speed 3.5s
UO-Item-9926-1154.png Crystal Staff Of Order Replica Weapon Speed 3.5s
UO-Item-5042-30.png Cupid's Bow Weapon Speed 4.25s
UO-Item-5185-0.png Cutlass Weapon Speed 2.5s
UO-Item-11553-37.png Daemonic-Forged Runeslayer Weapon Speed 2s
UO-Item-10150-38.png Daemonic-Forged Soul Ripper Weapon Speed 2.5s
UO-Item-5118-0.png Daimyo Emino's Katana Weapon Speed 2.5s
UO-Item-5120-96.png Daniels Broken Silent Kryss Weapon Speed 2s
UO-Item-5119-233.png Dark Energy Sabre Weapon Speed 2.5s
UO-Item-3569-0.png Dark Staff: This Staff Is Solid To The Touch, Yet Moves And Flows Under Your Grasp. (blessed) Weapon Speed 39s
UO-Item-3763-0.png DawnSong Weapon Speed 2.5s
UO-Item-9914-2949.png Death's Scythe Decoy Weapon Speed 3.5s
UO-Item-11555-33.png Demonic Fury Cleaver Weapon Speed 2.25s
UO-Item-5046-45.png Dragon's Tooth Weapon Speed 3s
UO-Item-3934-76.png Dragonslayer's Broadsword Weapon Speed 3.25s
UO-Item-3568-0.png Echo Staff Weapon Speed 2.75s
UO-Item-12686-216.png Empty Nexus Spirit Essence Bottle Weapon Speed 2.5s
UO-Item-3936-1462.png Enilno The Quicksword Weapon Speed 3.5s
UO-Item-5049-802.png Evils Bane Weapon Speed 3.75s
UO-Item-3921-1272.png Exquisite Dagger Of Sorcery Weapon Speed 2s
UO-Item-5121-80.png Fang Of Ractus Weapon Speed 2s
UO-Item-11557-2970.png Feathered Staff Of The Raptor Cult Weapon Speed 2.25s
UO-Item-18616-2970.png Feathered Staff Of The Raptor Cult Weapon Speed 3.25s
UO-Item-5041-0.png Fiorella's Farewell Shot Weapon Speed 4.25s
UO-Item-5112-1169.png Fire Flower Staff Weapon Speed 3.25s
UO-Item-5185-502.png First Officer's Cutlass Weapon Speed 2.5s
UO-Item-3921-32.png Flicker Weapon Speed 2s
UO-Item-10155-68.png Forest Demon Claws Weapon Speed 2s
UO-Item-5042-91.png Frostsniper's Bow Weapon Speed 4.25s
UO-Item-5177-0.png GThunk's Fist Weapon Speed 3.75s
UO-Item-3921-142.png Garkin's Dagger Weapon Speed 2s
UO-Item-4138-0.png Gavel Weapon Speed 2.5s
UO-Item-3570-88.png Ghostly Baton Of The Wanderers Weapon Speed 2.75s
UO-Item-3713-1931.png Giant Candy Cane Weapon Speed 2.75s
UO-Item-3721-1168.png Giant Pixie Stick Weapon Speed 2.25s
UO-Item-3937-70.png Golmor's Sword Weapon Speed 3.5s
UO-Item-9934-1923.png Greatsword Of Celestial Righteousness Weapon Speed 5s
UO-Item-3909-0.png Grimshaw's Abomination Weapon Speed 3.25s
UO-Item-5043-2610.png Grobbok's Clubber Weapon Speed 2.5s
UO-Item-5117-438.png Gunpowder Crossbow Weapon Speed 5s
UO-Item-5183-1.png Halberd Weapon Speed 4s
UO-Item-5183-1157.png Halberd Weapon Speed 4s
UO-Item-4020-0.png Hammer of Ogon Weapon Speed 3.25s
UO-Item-5108-0.png Happy 6th Anniversary UO! Weapon Speed 2.75s
UO-Item-3907-0.png Hatchet Weapon Speed 2.75s
UO-Item-3907-0.png Hatchet Thrower - Finalist Weapon Speed 2.75s
UO-Item-5042-2070.png Hawk Slayer, Mesanna Weapon Speed 4.25s
UO-Item-9922-0.png Heartseeker Weapon Speed 3.25s
UO-Item-11557-2128.png Heartwood Ceremonial Staff Weapon Speed 2.25s
UO-Item-5041-0.png Heartwoods Finest TurkeyShooter Bow Weapon Speed 4.25s
UO-Item-3937-0.png Heirloom Of Draco Mornwok Weapon Speed 3.5s
UO-Item-3721-1446.png Hollow Branch Weapon Speed 2.25s
UO-Item-3721-2128.png Hollow Branch Weapon Speed 2.25s
UO-Item-9915-2949.png Hook's Hook Weapon Speed 3s
UO-Item-5112-1922.png Horance's Firedoom Staff Weapon Speed 3.25s
UO-Item-3569-183.png I Stole This Staff! Weapon Speed 2.75s
UO-Item-5112-1152.png Jack Frosts' Staff Weapon Speed 3.25s
UO-Item-5049-1159-1.png Jeweled Encrusted Sword With Emblem Of Lord Blackthorn's Family Crest Etched On The Hilt Weapon Speed 3.75s
UO-Item-9935-1109.png Juka Black Duel Sword Wrapped In Finest Silk Weapon Speed 5s
UO-Item-5042-1132.png Juka Military Bow Weapon Speed 4.25s
UO-Item-5119-2211.png Juka Military Sword Weapon Speed 2.5s
UO-Item-9934-1931.png Justin's Sword Placed Naked Between Himself And Isabelle Weapon Speed 5s
UO-Item-3937-55.png Kinslayer Weapon Speed 3.5s
UO-Item-18609-1931.png Labrys Discovered From The Labyrinth Weapon Speed 3.5s
UO-Item-5115-1931.png Labrys Discovered From The Labyrinth Weapon Speed 3.75s
UO-Item-9920-0.png Lance Weapon Speed 4.25s
UO-Item-10155-37.png Legu Ryi The Malevolent Demonic Claws Weapon Speed 2s
UO-Item-3572-1676.png Len Uy Weapon Speed 2.75s
UO-Item-5183-550.png Lieutenant Issue Royal Guard Halberd Weapon Speed 4s
UO-Item-9935-1285.png Magebane Weapon Speed 5s
UO-Item-11551-0.png Magical Shortbow Weapon Speed 3s
UO-Item-3718-1137.png Malcolm's Pickaxe, Covered In Blood And The Cause Of Lost Hope Weapon Speed 3s
UO-Item-3921-1378.png Maliel's Talon Weapon Speed 56s
UO-Item-5180-2224.png Master Archaeologist's Pick Weapon Speed 3.25s
UO-Item-9915-39.png Master Carver Grimm's Pumpkin Carving Knife Weapon Speed 3s
UO-Item-3909-667.png Mercenary's Axe Weapon Speed 3.25s
UO-Item-3921-2949.png Mesannas Assassin Tool Weapon Speed 2s
UO-Item-10155-1779.png Mind Climber Claws Weapon Speed 2s
UO-Item-9916-598.png Minor Scepter Of Power Weapon Speed 3.5s
UO-Item-11560-1102.png Minotaur Axe Weapon Speed 3.75s
UO-Item-5108-1166.png Moco-Moco Candy Cane Weapon Speed 2.75s
UO-Item-3934-802.png Munirus The Speaking Sword Weapon Speed 3.25s
UO-Item-3569-1941.png Nightshade Infused Summoner's Staff Weapon Speed 2.75s
UO-Item-3764-1645.png Nightsong Weapon Speed 2.5s
UO-Item-3921-1248.png Oblivion's Needle Weapon Speed 2s
UO-Item-11551-1232.png Olmecian Bow Of Thunderbolts Weapon Speed 3s
UO-Item-2305-93.png Olmecian Cyclone Of Tides Weapon Speed 3.25s
UO-Item-5119-37.png Olmecian Katana Of Infernos Weapon Speed 2.5s
UO-Item-5176-2005.png Olmecian War Hammer Of Quakes Weapon Speed 3.75s
UO-Item-10150-1281.png Oni Ni Kanabo Weapon Speed 2.5s
UO-Item-3917-2734.png Ophidian Bardiche Of Treacherous Usurper The Ophidian High Matriarch Weapon Speed 3.75s
UO-Item-11550-1175.png Orc Longbow Weapon Speed 3.75s
UO-Item-5041-0.png Orcish Bow : Looking At This Crudely Constructed Bow Of Multiple Sticks And Twine You Find It To Be Extremely Well Balanced. Weapon Speed 4.25s
UO-Item-9922-1255.png Orcish Long Bow Weapon Speed 4s
UO-Item-5046-572.png Orcish Scimitar Weapon Speed 3s
UO-Item-3568-1920.png Origin Summerfest 2012 Weapon Speed 2.75s
UO-Item-9935-250.png Ornate Battle Blade Artifact Of The Legendary Draconic Lords Weapon Speed 5s
UO-Item-9918-1159.png Pacify Weapon Speed 3s
UO-Item-3913-0.png Pain Maker (blessed) Weapon Speed 3s
UO-Item-5185-1.png Phiade's Cutlass Weapon Speed 2.5s
UO-Item-3936-1154.png Planesword Weapon Speed 3.5s
UO-Item-3720-2947.png Poisoned Pitchfork Of A Deranged Farmer Bo Weapon Speed 2.5s
UO-Item-5119-5.png Positive Energy Sabre Weapon Speed 2.5s
UO-Item-3722-1150.png Powerful Fireworks Staff Weapon Speed 2.25s
UO-Item-3722-1154.png Powerful Fireworks Staff Weapon Speed 2.25s
UO-Item-3722-1165.png Powerful Fireworks Staff Weapon Speed 2.25s
UO-Item-3722-1166.png Powerful Fireworks Staff Weapon Speed 2.25s
UO-Item-3722-1167.png Powerful Fireworks Staff Weapon Speed 2.25s
UO-Item-3722-1169.png Powerful Fireworks Staff Weapon Speed 2.25s
UO-Item-3722-1172.png Powerful Fireworks Staff Weapon Speed 2.25s
UO-Item-3917-1159.png Quell Weapon Speed 3.75s
UO-Item-9914-902.png Reanimator's Scythe Weapon Speed 3.5s
UO-Item-3569-353.png Relvinian's Staff, Covered In Daemon Markings. Weapon Speed 2.75s
UO-Item-5113-23.png Replica Of A Mystical Naga Staff Weapon Speed 3.25s
UO-Item-5183-1157.png Richardsons Halberd, Stained With The Blood Of The Innocent Weapon Speed 4s
UO-Item-3921-6.png Ritual Dagger Of The Adjutant Weapon Speed 2s
UO-Item-5042-0.png Royal Guard Bow Weapon Speed 4.25s
UO-Item-5042-87.png Royal Guard Bow Weapon Speed 4.25s
UO-Item-5047-653.png Royal Guard Certified Long Sword Weapon Speed 3.5s
UO-Item-3921-0.png Royal Guard Dart Weapon Speed 2s
UO-Item-3907-0.png Royal Guard Hatchet Weapon Speed 2.75s
UO-Item-3780-1150.png Royal Guard Survival Knife Weapon Speed 2.25s
UO-Item-11561-637.png Royal Spy Utility Knife Weapon Speed 2.75s
UO-Item-3569-21.png Royal Staff Weapon Speed 2.75s
UO-Item-3573-38(2).png Ruby-Encrusted Ratman Wand Weapon Speed 2.75s
UO-Item-5044-1462.png Rudyom's Wand Weapon Speed 2.5s
UO-Item-3780-142.png Rusty Bootknife Of Jamison Tort Weapon Speed 2.25s
UO-Item-11553-439.png Rusty Dagger Weapon Speed 2s
UO-Item-3569-1161.png Ruyi Golden Staff Weapon Speed 2.75s
UO-Item-3938-929.png Savage Scout Leader Tribal Spear Weapon Speed 2.75s
UO-Item-5046-38.png Scimitar Weapon Speed 3s
UO-Item-9924-95.png Scythe Of The Horseman Weapon Speed 3.5s
UO-Item-5119-1153.png Seeker Of Lies, Crafted By Nathan Hawke [Replica] Weapon Speed 2.5s
UO-Item-5125-0.png Serpent's Bite Weapon Speed 2.5s
UO-Item-5046-232.png Serrated Iron Blade Stained With Fey Blood Weapon Speed 3s
UO-Item-3920-1109.png Shadow Artillery Weapon Speed 2.75s
UO-Item-3920-1175.png Shadow Artillery Weapon Speed 2.75s
UO-Item-3911-2406.png Shadow Iron Battle Axe Weapon Speed 3.5s
UO-Item-3934-1175.png Shadowblade Weapon Speed 3.25s
UO-Item-3713-0.png Shepherd's Crook Weapon Speed 2.75s
UO-Item-3713-1445.png Shillelagh Carved From A Branch Of The Giving Tree - Atlantic, December 2011 Weapon Speed 2.75s
UO-Item-5092-0.png Shipbuilding Hammer Weapon Speed 3.25s
UO-Item-3921-20.png Shiv of Wrath Weapon Speed 2s
UO-Item-5185-1001.png Silver Etched Pirate Cutlass Weapon Speed 2.5s
UO-Item-5121-0.png Silver Serpent Blade Weapon Speed 2s
UO-Item-3917-2.png Sini Sarp Agra-Char De Ssithnos Weapon Speed 3.75s
UO-Item-3780-0.png Skinning Knife (practice Weapon) Weapon Speed 2.25s
UO-Item-3780-506.png Skinning Knife Covered In Plague Beast Lord Innards Bearing The Inscription (Defender Of Jhelom) Weapon Speed 2.25s
UO-Item-3937-716.png Sorrowbringer Weapon Speed 3.5s
UO-Item-5183-1109.png Soul Reaper Weapon Speed 4s
UO-Item-5118-0.png Spark Weapon Speed 2.5s
UO-Item-3568-133.png Sparkle Stick Powered By Fireflies Weapon Speed 2.75s
UO-Item-9914-1970.png Spectral Scythe Weapon Speed 3.5s
UO-Item-5047-1001.png Spirit Blade (blessed) Weapon Speed 3.5s
UO-Item-5112-1157.png Staff Of Colors Weapon Speed 3.25s
UO-Item-3568-1161.png Staff Of Fireworks Weapon Speed 2.75s
UO-Item-3568-2075.png Staff Of Freedom Infused With Firework Spells Weapon Speed 2.75s
UO-Item-3713-2732.png Staff Of Greater Hydra Weapon Speed 2.75s
UO-Item-3568-2071.png Staff Of Independance Weapon Speed 2.75s
UO-Item-3568-2071.png Staff Of Independence Weapon Speed 2.75s
UO-Item-3568-33.png Staff Of Independence Weapon Speed 2.75s
UO-Item-3568-128.png Staff Of Light Weapon Speed 2.75s
UO-Item-5112-1175.png Staff Of Necromantic Ensorcelment Weapon Speed 3.25s
UO-Item-5112-1287.png Staff Of Sparkles 2010 Weapon Speed 3.25s
UO-Item-3568-3.png Staff Of Sparks Weapon Speed 2.75s
UO-Item-3568-0.png Staff Of The Necromancer Weapon Speed 2.75s
UO-Item-3721-902.png Staff Of The Warlord Weapon Speed 2.25s
UO-Item-9916-33.png Staff Of Thunder Weapon Speed 3.5s
UO-Item-3569-1920.png Staff Of Undeath Weapon Speed 2.75s
UO-Item-5112-1169.png Staff Of Wonders Weapon Speed 3.25s
UO-Item-3721-1153.png Staff of Balance Weapon Speed 2.25s
UO-Item-3921-133.png Standard Issue Mercenary Dagger Weapon Speed 2s
UO-Item-5183-0.png Standard Issue Royal Guard Halberd Weapon Speed 4s
UO-Item-9934-2690.png Standard Of The Iron Gauntlet Mercenary Clan Weapon Speed 5s
UO-Item-3934-0.png Stinger Weapon Speed 3.25s
UO-Item-5042-307.png Striker Weapon Speed 4.25s
UO-Item-9914-1159.png Subdue Weapon Speed 3.5s
UO-Item-5049-703.png Sword Crafted From The Bones of The Pitlord Weapon Speed 3.75s
UO-Item-3937-703.png Sword Made From The Bones Of The Pitlord Weapon Speed 3.5s
UO-Item-5049-0.png Sword Of Courage (blessed) Weapon Speed 3.75s
UO-Item-3937-553.png Sword Of The Brigand Death Captain Weapon Speed 3.5s
UO-Item-5049-1153.png Sword Of The Champion Weapon Speed 3.75s
UO-Item-3935-490.png Syrem's Razor Weapon Speed Gs
UO-Item-5046-506.png Syrem's Razor Weapon Speed 37s
UO-Item-5046-506.png Syrem's Razor (blessed) Weapon Speed 3s
UO-Item-5049-91.png Syren's Razor Weapon Speed 28s
UO-Item-3921-21.png Talon Of The Sleeping Dragon Weapon Speed 2s
ImageNotAvailable.png Team Delta Weapon Speed 39s
UO-Item-5041-0.png Thank You For Coming To Napa Valley's Second Luna Fair Ground Archery Tournament Weapon Speed 4.25s
UO-Item-3718-0.png Thank You {player name}, For Contributing In Help Defending Britain Weapon Speed 3s
UO-Item-3907-0.png Thank You {player name}, For Contributing In Help Defending Britain Weapon Speed 2.75s
UO-Item-3568-1152.png The 3rd Balhae Duel Event Fighter Weapon Speed 2.75s
UO-Item-10146-1172.png The Avenger Warlords Downfall Weapon Speed 3.5s
UO-Item-5187-0.png The Barbarian Axe Weapon Speed 3.5s
UO-Item-3909-332.png The Bloodied Axe Of The Feluccan Lord Weapon Speed 3.25s
UO-Item-5042-0.png The Bow Of The Undead Weapon Speed 4.25s
UO-Item-5110-133.png The Butcher's Knife, Stained Red With Blood Weapon Speed 2.25s
UO-Item-5185-691.png The Captains Razor Blade Weapon Speed 2.5s
UO-Item-5113-2675.png The Corrupted Staff Of The Black Widow Statcia Merin Weapon Speed 3.25s
UO-Item-9914-1920.png The Cursed Scythe Of Master Lymeclaws, Dripping With Rancid Blood Weapon Speed 3.5s
UO-Item-5113-905.png The Demonbane Staff Weapon Speed 3.25s
UO-Item-5042-18.png The Dragon Slayer Bow Weapon Speed 4.25s
UO-Item-5178-1319.png The Fist of No'frun Weapon Speed 3.5s
UO-Item-3179-1177.png The Golden Pumpkin, Rewarded To Voluptuous - House Of Terror, Halloween 2009 Weapon Speed 2.5s
UO-Item-9924-1109.png The Grim Reaper's Scythe Weapon Speed 3.5s
UO-Item-9920-2947.png The Knights Of Sacrifice Binding Weapon Weapon Speed 4.25s
UO-Item-5121-39.png The Kryss Of Dread Lady Griva Weapon Speed 2s
UO-Item-5121-0.png The Kryss Of The Undead Weapon Speed 2s
UO-Item-11572-2721.png The Legendary Axe Of AXECALIBUR [Replica] Weapon Speed 3.75s
UO-Item-10147-2947.png The Magical Banana Leaf Fan Weapon Speed 2s
UO-Item-18637-2947.png The Magical Banana Leaf Fan Weapon Speed 2s
UO-Item-3920-2076.png The Murdrum - Abraham The Twins' Wicked Crossbow Weapon Speed 4.5s
UO-Item-9917-1175.png The Obsidian Staff Weapon Speed 37s
UO-Item-3721-432.png The Reanimator's Staff Weapon Speed 2.25s
UO-Item-9916-2756.png The Scepter Of The Anura Tribe Weapon Speed 3.5s
UO-Item-10147-1098.png The Sense Of Wonder Weapon Speed 2s
UO-Item-5041-998.png The Splintered Bow Of The Undead Captain Blackheart Weapon Speed 4.25s
ImageNotAvailable.png The Staff Of Light Weapon Speed 2.75s
UO-Item-5046-1719.png The Sword Of Nujelm Surrendered By Sultan Besfed Weapon Speed 3s
UO-Item-10152-2500.png The Training Bokuto Of Battousai [Replica] Weapon Speed 2s
UO-Item-3937-1150.png The True Warrior Of Britannia Weapon Speed 3.5s
UO-Item-9934-2051.png The Vice Purifier [Replica] Weapon Speed 5s
UO-Item-3909-1911.png The Wailer, Devourer Of Innocents Weapon Speed 3.25s
UO-Item-41611-2071.png The Whip That Owned The Void Weapon Speed 3.25s
UO-Item-10159-1922.png The Widowmaker - Elizabeth The Twins' Wicked Knives Weapon Speed 2s
UO-Item-11557-1759.png The Wild's Call Weapon Speed 48s
UO-Item-5110-32.png Tooth From A Rabid Animal Weapon Speed 2.25s
UO-Item-3909-2.png Town Raiders Executioner Axe Weapon Speed 3.25s
UO-Item-9915-2102.png Treachery Weapon Speed 3s
UO-Item-3719-89.png Trident Of An Enslaved Merman Weapon Speed 2.5s
UO-Item-18622-593.png Trident Of Jubilee Replica Weapon Speed 2.5s
UO-Item-3937-0.png Trinsician Standard Issue Longsword Weapon Speed 3.5s
UO-Item-5049-956.png Tyranny The Sword Of Heroes Weapon Speed 3.75s
UO-Item-3718-132.png Unholy Pickaxe Weapon Speed 3s
UO-Item-9919-2548.png Venomous Bladed Staff Made From The Stinger Of Ska'lob, Spider Queen Weapon Speed 2.25s
UO-Item-5050-0.png Viking Sword of the Undead (blessed) Weapon Speed 3.75s
UO-Item-3937-1157.png Void Blade Of Umbra Weapon Speed 3.5s
UO-Item-3570-13-1.png Wand Of The Void Ritualist Weapon Speed 2.75s
UO-Item-3748-1109.png Wanted Poster Of Casca And His Enforcers Weapon Speed 2.5s
UO-Item-5040-239.png War Axe Weapon Speed 3s
UO-Item-11568-2579.png Warning Flare Weapon Speed 3.25s
UO-Item-3921-941.png White Cloud's Tooth Weapon Speed 2s
UO-Item-9919-2499.png Winter Wind Weapon Speed 2.25s
UO-Item-5049-133.png Woe To The Martyr Weapon Speed 3.75s
UO-Item-5185-238.png Worn-Out Pirate Cutlass From Magincia [Drachenfels 2010] Weapon Speed 2.5s