Wooden Shield

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5 stones
Energy Resist 1%
Strength Requirement 20
Durability #  / #

Wooden Shield

Craftable Item
Name Wooden Shield
Category Armor
Skill(s) Required 52.6 Carpentry
Can be exceptional Yes
Wearable Slot None
Wieldable Yes
Required Recipe None
Tool Required Any of:
Stackable No
9 BoardsBoards

When crafted or enhanced with special crafting materials, the following properties will be added:

Oak BoardsOak Boards Ash BoardsAsh Boards Yew BoardsYew Boards Heartwood BoardsHeartwood Boards * Bloodwood BoardsBloodwood Boards Frostwood BoardsFrostwood Boards
Physical Resist 1   3      
Fire Resist 1       3  
Cold Resist 1         3
Poison Resist 1          
Energy Resist 1 3        
Hit Point Regeneration     +1   +2  
Lower Requirements   +20%        
Luck         +40  
Spell Channeling           Yes

* Shields crafted or enhanced with Heartwood will also be given one of the following properties, selected at random:

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