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  • ...hance that it will be stuck in the corpse. This doesn't work with players, who automatcally break arrow shafts that hit them. ;) *Field spells now check for the location of the field for calling guards, and don't check spell resistance.
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  • Enjoy trick or treating with the town NPCs! There are 4 new items that you may get. Be sure your [[UO:begging|begging] Those who are loyal to the Bane Chosen can visit [[UO:Trammel]] [[UO:Magincia|Maginci
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  • * If you attempt to trade a house to someone who already owns a house, the trade gump-window appears immediately. There is n ...skill level. Ancient Smithy Hammers will contribute their bonus to smiths who have them equipped, but each enhancement attempt will use up a charge from
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  • *A new UO.CFG toggle has been added to help those who have slow draw times on their systems. You can add the following line in or *Fire fields now affect the caster's notoriety when people walk into them.
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  • * A [[UO:Treasure Map|treasure map]] will be able to be used by those who do not own it, providing that they have enough [[UO:cartography|cartography * The ability to buy unlimited amounts of bread during the tutorial is being corrected.
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  • ...hange in the next update. We realize it will break fight nights and people who make dungeons and the like ...hiding... ppl just run up to corpses, hide, and loot and you can not fire field because the person may be blue. I believe that when a person removes a item
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  • ...">DenDragon</font>||*Auzrewrath* any plans in making it possible to create/buy beds, rugs.... and other furniture? ...into an enemy? even if archery rebalancing is done, they may move away and fire at u with no problems?
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