1998-03-27: Little Girl Kidnapped

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Baja Edition

Little Girl Kidnapped

Author: Genn Wintord Published: March 27, 1998

Skara Brae – There is something dreadfully wrong in our realm these days. Criminals abound and thrive it seems. No one is safe and nothing is too sacred to avoid being defiled. From gargoyles at our shrines to the endangering of our children.

Just today a child was taken from her father. Young Daphne was kidnapped while picking flowers. She lives in Skara Brae with her father, Vinton, who is a bowyer there. She had gone to the mainland to pick flowers. That is were Chard nabbed her.

Chard is the cretin who nabbed Daphne. Vinton found a crudely written note on the table in his shop. It said that gold would be needed to get his daughter back. Lots of gold. Vinton was to go to the swamp with gold and supposedly get his daughter back safely.

The problem was that Vinton doth not possess much gold. Not that he actually believed either he or his daughter would return from the swamp alive. So he did the only thing he felt he could. Vinton turned to the adventurers of the area for help. Any able-bodied ranger, mage, warrior, or willing person who passed his way was begged to help. Many accepted and headed for the swamp in search of his daughter.

In route to finding Chard, the adventurers met many orcs. Orcs are not usually known to be found in the swamp, so instantly it was realized that they must be in league with Chard. But they were no match for the strong wills of the rescue parties. Soon Chard himself was found. He had made a home of sorts in one of the lizardmen huts. He called forth more orcs, but it was to no avail. Chard was losing. After a moment’s hesitation where he looked menacingly at Daphne, chard obviously decided it was better to save his own hide rather than bother with the girl. And with that he disappeared into the swamp.

At about this time Vinton ran in and was reunited with his daughter. He turned to his rescuers and offered them a modest reward. They said for him to not worry, but when he insisted, they split the gold he gave them amongst themselves. It is good to know that even though evil walks the land, we have those who are prepared to meet them blow for blow.