1999-05-05: Britannia the Beautiful

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Global Edition

Britannia the Beautiful

Author: Gilbert Von Deen Published: May 5, 1999

I am one who loves to walk through the countryside of our great land. So many of our citizens miss the silent beauty that our world holds. When one travels between cities and to dungeons by means of gates or recall spells, one misses out of the true splendor that is Britannia. Why just this afternoon I was walking from Yew to Skara Brae when I was confronted by the most wondrous sight. I saw an entire family of bunny rabbits, hopping about in search of food.

My journey took my within earshot of the miners hard at work pulling precious ours from the gray face of the mountains. I heard woodsman hard at work felling trees and the slow rustle of hunters hot on the trail of a great heart.

I passed by wild boar and mountain goats. I caught glimpses of leopards and wolves. Birds of many colors and sizes filled the air with there song.

As I sit here now, looking at the heavens through my spy glass, I wonder if any of those points of light can hold a world that could watch the beauty of our Britannia. I doubt it my friends. I doubt it.