1999-12-03: Gelidum Meets!

Lake Superior Edition

Gelidum Meets!

Author: Autumn Sarn Published: December 3, 1999

Many of you have been avidly following the notations of Deborah these past months, and given the volume of news, I’ve been brought on as her assistant. My first task from the editor? Find the Geldium. For this task I was unceremonially dropped off at the entrance to the dungeon of Glacia and told to “Go get the story." Asking around the dungeon "regulars”, Myllfalydd has been spotted in the dungeon most, followed by Zaruk, and then BrKagg. On any given night, there is a high probability of seeing one of them. Seeing two is rare, and I’ve not yet found one who has seen all three at the same time. But find them I did! I could not believe my eyes, friends. First I saw Zaruk the grand and majestic Lord of the Ice Fiends wander by. That was my cue to hide. But then to my surprise, Myllfalydd showed himself, strutting proudly to the end room with table and chairs. BrKagg the troll stomped through the narrow hallways. All three of them? It was a meeting! What a scoop!

The following comments were jotted down as fast as this reporter could write. One of the Gelidum leaders, Myllfalydd, was intently focused on the disappearance of Gavin the alchemist.

Zaruk, Lord of the Fiends: I hope you do not let that professor get in the way again
Myllfalydd: Gavin is a weapon before he is a human
Myllfalydd: A weapon I wish to posess for the good of the Gelidum
BrKagg: where dat kate?
Myllfalydd: IF she gets in the way again...we kill her.

Kate. Many recall the appearance (and mysterious disappearance) of this Gelidum informant, from her stealthy alliance building, to her eventual discovery as a Gelidum informant, arrest, and escape from Yew. However there is more to her disappearance than the rumored “death” floating about. Yes, disappearance. Kate is not dead, readers. She is alive, out there, and no doubt dangerous. How do I know for sure?

To quote Myllfalydd, “She has been reassigned.”

The talk turned quickly away from Kate and to the attacks both past and present.

Myllfalydd: Perhaps we need to refocus
BrKagg: Den we freeze dem..
Myllfalydd: I say we focas our attention on those towns outside the kings influence
Myllfalydd: As well as the rest of their holy symbols
Zaruk, Lord of the Fiends: I suppose it is worth a try
BrKagg: What town we freeze?
Myllfalydd: It seems to bother them to have their shrines frozen
BrKagg: Who we smash?
Zaruk, Lord of the Fiends: Any that is not under control of their kingdom

Alas, I could stay no more for fear of my own safety, and the Gelidum itself began trading insults between members, Zaruk taunting Myllfalydd over the many tamed ice wyrms roaming the land, and both of the members chastising BrKagg for his alliance with the surface trolls. It is hard to tell who if anyone holds the upper hand in the Gelidum. In fact, it is even harder to tell if they are working together at all these days.

On the way back I stopped by Kyry in Moonglow. Kyry appears to have no answers, but plenty of odd information that makes a little sense now. When asked about Kate, Kyry answered, “No, she’s not the lady in ice blue... but Kate knows Niflhym." Pressing onward, I asked her about Niflhym, and she replied, "Ask Kate..." Her most curious comment came when I mentioned the Gelidum to her. "They let you take me... they are liars... they fight each other." She appears to not be improving and healers report she is teetering on the edge of death. "Kyry? Alas, I fear if she does not improve within days, she just won’t,” the healer Amelia told me.

Clearly a troublesome time with no easy answers.