2000-03-09: Yew Crawling With Giant Spiders

Atlantic Edition

Yew Crawling With Giant Spiders

Author: Permilia Morgan Published: March 9, 2000

Recently, I had heard reports of an influx of giant spiders spotted around the Yew area. Sightings have been made from as far west as West Yew University to as far east as the Yew Moongate and the Akalabethian Village. I decided to set forth to Yew and investigate these rumors further.

I spoke with a farmer near the University that said that he had seen many a young student running about with a giant spider fast on their tales. He then chuckled and added that he was glad it was not himself they were chasing.

A forensics specialist performed an examination of one of the corpses for me and has found traces of white powder residue on the corpse. Coupled with his additional find of pieces of wheat stalk stuck to their feet, he has determined the white powder to be flour.

I found this interesting and went to the Abbey to do some research with the monks there. One monk recalled that a while back the Yew Mill had become over run with the crawly beasts. He remembered the Town Cryers all shouting about the mess and many brave warriors setting off to free the town of the infestation there. I thanked him and started to look through old stories in their library and indeed came across one reporting of the Mill’s infestation. Hrmm, I thought, is it possible that one of the egg sacs was not destroyed?