2002: UO-Europe Interview with GM Sol

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Interview with GM Sol

This was originally posted at [1].

Why the name Sol?

I was on my way back to UK after I got my GM training in the very deep dungeons of the GM Support department at Origin. I was sitting in the plane and writing names on a piece of paper. After the paper was full of names I looked which name would be the best for my GM. Well, Sol means Sun (which we don`t see so often) and it is also a nice Mexican Beer. Additional to that Sol was the name of the main character in one of my favourite books.

What do you do?

I am the European GM Lead which means that I am the manager of the support group here in UK. My responsibilities are the in-game, mail, technical and account support for Ultima Online.

As the Manager of that group I interview and train new GM`s and account representatives. I prepare the work schedules and if we are short on GM`s (what can happen from time to time) I also provide GM Support on the shards with my GM Character. I take care that the support group will answer all incoming mails and I ensure that the "special" support cases (banned player, scammer, exploiter) are dealt with accordingly.

Additional to that I am in daily contact with the American GM leads and our Volunteers.

What`s the best part of your job?

That`s pretty easy: Ultima Online! Before I had this position I was a highly addicted UO Player (roughly 1800 game hours as a player) and I still enjoy the game. Additional to that I must say that I love the contact with all the Counselors.

It`s a very responsible, qualified and dedicated team. Working for EA is all about teamwork and the Counselor team is just AWESOME. I really enjoy being part of that huge group of nice people :o).

And the worst?

Losing my real social life.

What would you be if you weren`t a GM?


What`s the best rumour you`ve ever heard about yourself?

There was a posting on one web page saying that I am a female GM with long blond hair. I know, not very special but hey, see it this way, our players don`t spread idle rumours ;-)

What`s in your backpack right now?

Oh dear. Ok here we go: Blank signs, sign posts, silver and gold rings, back of reagencies, blank deeds, my sunshield of revelation, rocks, lots of keys, gloves of jailing and my Credit card from the royal bank of Britannia™.

Favourite band?

Last Crack

In a film about UO, who would play you?

Elle McPherson (look at the rumour question)

Describe yourself in 10 words or less.

Female - good looking - long blond hair.....