2012-11-09: So long, a short farewell

So long, a short farewell

Posted Nov 9, 2012 18:27 -0500 GMT by Kai Schober on the UO Herald.

Today is my last day as Community Manager at Mythic. I'll face a new and very exciting challenge from Monday on.

It has been great to work on Ultima Online and all other Mythic products for the last 2 years. I met amazing people here in the teams as well as out there among you players. My only regret is that I had to spread my attention over 5 different titles and never had the time to be really dedicated to one of them. But I take a lot of great memories with me.

I thank you for being the awesome, annoying, loyal, critic, understanding, demanding community that you are. The support you continue to give UO is really appreciated, and I know I leave the game in very good hands.

Until we meet again - thanks for all the fish, and no, you can't haz my stuff.