Hue 1157

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Hue 1157

Hue # 1157
Color Code 0x0485
Official Name(s) none
Unofficial Name(s) Dark Red
Internal Name dark red

Dye Tub(s) none
Natural Dye none
Compassion Dye none
Treasures of Tokuno none
Cleanup Pigments none
Haochi`s Pigments none

UO-Item-7940-1157.png UO-Item-9002-1157.png UO-Item-4011-1157.png UO-Item-3839-1157.png UO-Item-9003-1157.png UO-Item-7939-1157.png

Example items hued using hue 1157.

Items hued with hue 1157

UO-Item-3827-1157.png A Bloodied Scrap Of Paper With The Phrase "ot Dea" Barely Legible Upon It 
UO-Item-22343-1157.png A Bloody Fang Taken From The Corpse Of Demidicus Marcel The Vampire 
UO-Item-2597-1157.png A Ceremonial Lantern 
ImageNotAvailable.png A Chocolate Egg Found On Europa - 2009 
UO-Item-10114-1157.png A Crimson Kimono Imported From Tokuno For Britannian Nobles 
UO-Item-7866-1157.png A Kit Of Small Vials Containing Poisons, Venoms And Toxins Used By The Crimson Dagger 
UO-Item-14962-1157.png A Reindeer Action Figure 
UO-Item-3938-1157.png A Sharpened Stick 
UO-Item-5397-1157.png A Tattered Mercaerin Cloak 
UO-Item-7939-1157.png Acolyte Of Ocrmfg Ocig 
UO-Item-7939-1157.png Acolyte Of Relvinian 
UO-Item-5042-1157.png Adept Archer - Third Place 
UO-Item-3907-1157.png Adept Hatchet Thrower - Third Place 
UO-Item-17084-1157.png An Enchanted Sextant 
UO-Item-4232-1157.png Blighted Collar 
UO-Item-5187-1157.png Blood Axe 
UO-Item-5187-1157.png Blood Pact 
UO-Item-7185-1157.png Blood Purified Book Of Truth 
ImageNotAvailable.png Blood Taker (blessed) 
UO-Item-7409-1157.png Bloody Pentagram 
UO-Item-7410-1157.png Bloody Pentagram 
UO-Item-7411-1157.png Bloody Pentagram 
UO-Item-7412-1157.png Bloody Pentagram 
UO-Item-7413-1157.png Bloody Pentagram 
UO-Item-7414-1157.png Bloody Pentagram 
UO-Item-7415-1157.png Bloody Pentagram 
UO-Item-7416-1157.png Bloody Pentagram 
UO-Item-7417-1157.png Bloody Pentagram 
UO-Item-7418-1157.png Bloody Pentagram 
UO-Item-7419-1157.png Bloody Pentagram 
UO-Item-7420-1157.png Bloody Pentagram 
UO-Item-7421-1157.png Bloody Pentagram 
UO-Item-7422-1157.png Bloody Pentagram 
UO-Item-7423-1157.png Bloody Pentagram 
UO-Item-7424-1157.png Bloody Pentagram 
UO-Item-7425-1157.png Bloody Pentagram 
UO-Item-7426-1157.png Bloody Pentagram 
UO-Item-7427-1157.png Bloody Pentagram 
UO-Item-7428-1157.png Bloody Pentagram 
UO-Item-7429-1157.png Bloody Pentagram 
UO-Item-7430-1157.png Bloody Pentagram 
UO-Item-7431-1157.png Bloody Pentagram 
UO-Item-7432-1157.png Bloody Pentagram 
UO-Item-7433-1157.png Bloody Pentagram 
UO-Item-7434-1157.png Bloody Pentagram 
UO-Item-7435-1157.png Bloody Pentagram 
UO-Item-7436-1157.png Bloody Pentagram 
UO-Item-7437-1157.png Bloody Pentagram 
UO-Item-7438-1157.png Bloody Pentagram 
UO-Item-7439-1157.png Bloody Pentagram 
UO-Item-7440-1157.png Bloody Pentagram 
UO-Item-7441-1157.png Bloody Pentagram 
UO-Item-7442-1157.png Bloody Pentagram 
UO-Item-7604-1157.png Bones Gnawed By A Vampire Hell Hound 
UO-Item-5899-1157.png Britannian Royal Spy - Balron Baffler 
UO-Item-5899-1157.png Britannian Royal Spy - Cat Keeper 
UO-Item-5899-1157.png Britannian Royal Spy - Demon Breaker 
UO-Item-5899-1157.png Britannian Royal Spy - Dragon Finder 
UO-Item-5899-1157.png Britannian Royal Spy - King Listener 
UO-Item-5899-1157.png Britannian Royal Spy - Lich Dodger 
UO-Item-5899-1157.png Britannian Royal Spy - Orc Ambusher 
UO-Item-5899-1157.png Britannian Royal Spy - Pigeon Watcher 
UO-Item-5899-1157.png Britannian Royal Spy - Serpent Shadower 
UO-Item-5899-1157.png Britannian Royal Spy - Wyrm Fixer 
UO-Item-5915-1157.png Captain Jango's Hat 
UO-Item-5042-1157.png Champion Archer - First Place 
UO-Item-3907-1157.png Champion Hatchet Thrower - First Place 
UO-Item-10230-1157.png Claws Of The Broodmother 
UO-Item-5397-1157.png Cloak Bearing The Crest Of Queen Dawn 
UO-Item-2597-1157.png Corrupted Essence of Love Prototype 
UO-Item-12646-1157.png Crown Of Nujelm - This Crown Is Mine. I Shall Return 
UO-Item-7185-1157.png Cursed Tome 
UO-Item-5441-1157.png EM Faine Morgan - 2011 - 3 Years Of Burning Ribs And Bag Lady Clothes. To Origin. 
UO-Item-7942-1157.png Embrace of the Abyss 
UO-Item-18098-1157-1.png Fire Rune 
UO-Item-3205-1157.png Flowers From Moria 
UO-Item-18098-1157-1.png Frost Field 
UO-Item-18098-1157-1.png Frost Rune 
UO-Item-5441-1157.png Ghastly Dungeon Master Champion 
UO-Item-18098-1157-1.png Greater Mind Blast 
UO-Item-18091-1157.png Greetings From EM Chance, Lake Superior 2015 
UO-Item-5441-1157.png Greetings From EM Helios - Legends 
UO-Item-5441-1157.png Greetings From EM Vikktor, Baja 2011 
UO-Item-5441-1157.png Greetings From Pacific EM Iphitus 
UO-Item-5183-1157.png Halberd 
UO-Item-5204-1157.png Hide of The Demon 
UO-Item-5437-1157.png I Died Playing Mesanna Roulette 
UO-Item-4003-1157.png I Played My Cards Right And Beat Mesanna At Roulette 
UO-Item-5441-1157.png I Survived A Year On Siege With EM Trouble Do'er 
UO-Item-5437-1157.png I Survived Playing Mesanna Roulette 
UO-Item-4082-1157.png List Of Champions 
UO-Item-5397-1157.png Lord Of The Pit 
UO-Item-4161-1157.png Mesanna's Cream Pie 
UO-Item-7403-1157.png My Feet Failed Me Playing Mesanna Roulette 
UO-Item-8059-1157.png Officer of The Royal Guard 
UO-Item-8787-1157.png Pages From The Principia Daemonis 
UO-Item-5441-1157.png RBG Captain Endrik 
UO-Item-4161-1157.png Red Solen's Special Pie 
UO-Item-5183-1157.png Richardsons Halberd, Stained With The Blood Of The Innocent 
UO-Item-5397-1157.png Royal Guard - Vampire Hunter 
UO-Item-5437-1157.png Royal Guard Artisan 
UO-Item-4082-1157.png Royal Spy Code 
UO-Item-5441-1157.png Salutations From EM Corathan - Pacific 2014 
ImageNotAvailable.png Shadow's Embrace 
UO-Item-3907-1157.png Skilled Hatchet Thrower - Second Place 
UO-Item-8707-1157.png Skull Of A Sea Siren 
UO-Item-2586-1157.png Squire Of The Royal Britannian Guard 
UO-Item-5112-1157.png Staff Of Colors 
UO-Item-8441-1157.png Statue From Battle Royal Captain's Death - I Survive It! 
UO-Item-5899-1157.png Sturdy Army Boots Cobbled For The Royal Britannian Guard 
UO-Item-18098-1157-1.png Summon Ancient Wisp 
UO-Item-18098-1157-1.png Summon Obsidian Elemental 
UO-Item-4632-1157.png The Crimson Throne 
UO-Item-9797-1157.png The Voodoo Mans Helm Blessed By The Unholy Simulacrum 
UO-Item-3834-1157.png Tome Of Spells Used To Free Myr'Stix The Storm Wyrm 
UO-Item-18098-1157-1.png Ultimate Heal 
UO-Item-3937-1157.png Void Blade Of Umbra