Hue 43

Hue 43

Hue # 43
Color Code 0x002B
Official Name(s) none
Unofficial Name(s) none
Internal Name none

Dye Tub(s) NPC-purchased Dying Tub
Furniture Dye Tub
Natural Dye none
Compassion Dye none
Treasures of Tokuno none
Cleanup Pigments none
Haochi`s Pigments none

UO-Item-7940-43.png UO-Item-9002-43.png UO-Item-4011-43.png UO-Item-3839-43.png UO-Item-9003-43.png UO-Item-7939-43.png

Example items hued using hue 43.

Items hued with hue 43

UO-Item-2459-43.png A Bottle Of Pumpkin Spice 
UO-Item-3203-43.png A Decorative Bright Orange Plant 
UO-Item-3206-43.png A Decorative Bright Orange Plant 
UO-Item-3208-43.png A Decorative Bright Orange Plant 
UO-Item-3211-43.png A Decorative Bright Orange Plant 
UO-Item-3220-43.png A Decorative Bright Orange Plant 
UO-Item-3223-43.png A Decorative Bright Orange Plant 
UO-Item-3228-43.png A Decorative Bright Orange Plant 
UO-Item-3231-43.png A Decorative Bright Orange Plant 
UO-Item-3237-43.png A Decorative Bright Orange Plant 
UO-Item-3238-43.png A Decorative Bright Orange Plant 
UO-Item-3239-43.png A Decorative Bright Orange Plant 
UO-Item-3241-43.png A Decorative Bright Orange Plant 
UO-Item-3332-43.png A Decorative Bright Orange Plant 
UO-Item-3366-43.png A Decorative Bright Orange Plant 
UO-Item-3367-43.png A Decorative Bright Orange Plant 
UO-Item-3372-43.png A Decorative Bright Orange Plant 
UO-Item-3377-43.png A Decorative Bright Orange Plant 
UO-Item-5928-43.png A Delicate Sugar Shell Easter Egg Filled With Peanut Butter Cream 
UO-Item-2597-43.png A Guard Against Those That Go Bump In The Night 
UO-Item-2597-43.png A Guideing Light 
UO-Item-5928-43.png A Hand Painted Easter Egg : Origin 2009 
UO-Item-3191-43.png A Hoppy Meal 
UO-Item-5928-43.png A Magical Easter Egg : Origin 2009 
UO-Item-3191-43.png A Mysterious Carrot Glowing With Magical Energy 
UO-Item-3981-43.png A Small Decorative Web Leftover From Last Year's Halloween 
UO-Item-3632-43.png A Vision Of A World Devoid Of Sacrifice Under The Rule Of Virtuebane 
UO-Item-3834-43.png Advanced Paladins: The Enlightened Journey, By Trevelyan 
UO-Anim-6228-43.png An Especially Spooky Skull With Candle 
UO-Item-5928-43.png An Orange Coated Easter Egg 
UO-Item-5928-43.png Barra Linath, Drow Assassin, Wishes You A Happy Easter.. Poison Isnt Usually Her Style.. Tempting 
UO-Item-3628-43.png Bottle 
UO-Item-5928-43.png Cracked Egg 
UO-Item-2537-43.png Devil's Food Cake 
UO-Item-7069-43.png Error (TID): Token Out Of Range : 2 : 1060830 
UO-Item-2504-43.png Ethereal Pumpkin Juice 
UO-Item-3915-43.png Exodus Minion Axe-Arm 
UO-Item-3981-43.png Experimental Spiderweb 
UO-Item-4142-43.png Farmer Jack's Pumpkin Carving Kit - Happy Halloween Chesapeake 2010 
UO-Item-4129-43.png Feathers 
UO-Item-11233-43.png Gingerbread Cookie 
UO-Item-11233-43.png Gingerbread Cookie crafted by EM Lyraa
UO-Item-11233-43.png Gingerbread Cookie crafted by Winter Of The Solstice Stag
UO-Item-18100-43.png Greetings From EM Gotan 
UO-Item-5441-43.png Greetings From EM Gotan 
UO-Item-5441-43.png Halloween 2009 
UO-Item-2512-43.png Halloween Apple (Legends 2012) 
UO-Item-3178-43.png Halloween Pumpkin Contest Winner (Legends 2011) 
UO-Item-5198-43.png Halloweenie Armor 
UO-Item-5199-43.png Halloweenie Armor 
UO-Item-5200-43.png Halloweenie Armor 
UO-Item-5201-43.png Halloweenie Armor 
UO-Item-5202-43.png Halloweenie Armor 
UO-Item-5928-43.png Happy Easter 2009 [Legends] 
UO-Item-5928-43.png Happy Easter 2009! [Lake Austin] 
UO-Item-3192-43.png Happy Easter From EM Cyno Razik! 
UO-Item-2597-43.png Happy Halloween 2011 
UO-Item-3192-43.png Have A Happy Easter Lake Superior From The Easter Bunny 
UO-Item-5928-43.png Here Comes Peter Rabbit Sonoma 2009 
UO-Item-5441-43.png Honorable Mention Legends Halloween House Decoration Contest 2010 
UO-Item-7939-43.png I Ran Like Hell Through The Dungeon Of Deceit Pacific 2011 
UO-Item-4082-43.png Marching Orders 
UO-Item-2448-43.png Me Trik Er Treet Wif Urks, 2011 
UO-Item-4161-43.png Mesanna's Cream Pie 
UO-Item-5928-43.png Orange Easter Egg 
UO-Item-7939-43.png Orange Team - Oceania Orienteering Challenge, October 2004 
UO-Item-5928-43.png Pastel Easter Egg 
UO-Item-7121-43.png Perfect Feather 
UO-Item-10145-43.png Poorly Sewn Life Vest Made By EM Faine Morgan 
UO-Item-4155-43.png Pumpkin Bread (Happy Holidays 2009) 
UO-Item-5928-43.png Roc Easter Egg 
UO-Item-2504-43.png Rotten Pumpkin Juice 
UO-Item-12122-43.png Royal Investigator Adept 
UO-Item-12122-43.png Royal Investigator Captain 
UO-Item-12122-43.png Royal Investigator Intern 
UO-Item-12122-43.png Royal Investigator Lieutenant 
UO-Item-12122-43.png Royal Investigator Master 
UO-Item-12122-43.png Royal Investigator Senior 
UO-Item-5130-43.png Sewer Service Hardhat 
UO-Item-5904-43.png Shoes crafted by EM Kanmare
UO-Item-5904-43.png Shoes crafted by EM Laurana
UO-Item-4307-43.png Small Web 
UO-Item-5928-43.png Smelly Egg 
UO-Item-7933-43.png Sonoma Halloween 2009 
UO-Item-5899-43.png Technician's Boots 
UO-Item-8786-43.png The Divine Codex Of Sacrifice 
UO-Item-5199-43.png Tiger's Bone Armor 
UO-Item-5198-43.png Tiger's Bone Arms 
UO-Item-5200-43.png Tiger's Bone Gloves 
UO-Item-5201-43.png Tiger's Bone Helmet 
UO-Item-5202-43.png Tiger's Bone Leggings 
UO-Item-3702-43.png Trick Or Treat Bag (Legends 2011)