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Creatures in Legends of Aria come in many varieties, from monsters to animals and undead as you explore the Shards multiverse you are bound to find new challenges and interesting creatures where ever you roam.
The lists below only include those which come with the Server Binary packages available to Community Server Admins, and may not be active in the world at this time, and custom additions and or edits by Community Server Admins are not and should not be included on this page, but we highly encourage Community Server Admins to create pages for their Community Server and use them create associated pages listing these modifications.


The entries in this listing are mobiles (NPCs Monsters etc.) that are not identified as map specific.


Celador is a High Fantasy map released for Legends of Aria


The Catacombs is a dungeon map accessible via Celador these lists will contain entries specific to the Catacombs.


The Outlands are a open area map for Legends of Aria

Founders Shard

The Founders Shard is a map restricted to only players who Pledged during the pre-alpha phase at least $75 or more.