1997-07-24: Lord Blackthorn Gives Peasants a Castle Tour

Global Edition

Lord Blackthorn Gives Peasants a Castle Tour

Author: Heroic Dragon Published: July 24, 1997

"Open thine gate or I shall have thine Head" yelled Heroic Dragon jokingly to the guards at Lord Blackthorne's castle. Then out of nowhere Lord Blackthorne appears disgruntled at the treatment of his guards. However, the noble leader is forgiving and forgave Heroic Dragon. In awe of the castle he asked for a tour of it.

Lord Blackthorne wished him to pledge his loyalty to him first. Heroic Dragon denied the request being loyal to Lord British. However, being the two leaders are on peaceful terms he gave him a guided tour anyway. The castle was beautiful and well guarded. It seems that Lord Blackthorne is looking for followers, with actions like that he is sure to gather a following.