1997-07-25: Darkone Strikes Again

Global Edition

Darkone Strikes Again

Author: Maniac Published: July 25, 1997

Remember that article on Darkone? Well he's back and now has a record of 5 on his list. So far he is one outrageous killer. The last victim he had was on the road to Trinsic but was attacked by him...The guy was helpless then the other guy which is the 2nd victim sees it and attacks him as well...Darkone kills them both and steals everything they had . I will keep you updated on this. So far Darkone has 5 kills.

- update -

Once again Darkone Strikes. With a total of 9 kills to his record, can anyone stop him? Remember, it use too be 5 now 9! All citizens of Britannia, watch out for this lunatic. Some of the victims are offering cash and weapons reward for his death. The people who are offering are William, Kidder, and Feather. Please catch this guy. I have finally gotten to talk to one of the victims.

I did talk too feather and he says "This guy is good. He kills quickly and swiftly. I was running too my way too Britannia and I was attacked he ran beside the road shooting arrows. I couldn't lose him so I ended up dead." -Feathers Thank you Feathers for that comment. If you have any word of this killer e-mail me at [email protected] or [email protected] thank you. Remember Darkone has 9 kills now.

- update -

Yes ladies and gentlemen. It's another story of Darkone. He has yet again killed 3 others making the total too 12. Nobody knows how too take care of him...currently there are a few people kind of watching out for him but that was too the people who were killed by him..most of them said they would reward them with weapons and a little gold if they killed him. they said too have proof they wanted them too kill him in front of them... I don't know how there are gonna pull that off..but they said something about all in a group..getting together and tracking him down..there gonna be searching all sides of the roads they said. Even more I, Maniac will be there too witness this...I'll keep you informed.

- update -

Darkone has done it again....with a record of 21 kills! HE HASNT BEEN TOUCHED ONCE!!! Someone stop this guy....I have nothing too report as this one was the same as any others..but something different...he left by a book...That he wrote in...I'll get to you on that later though..and about the people trying too find him..they have had no luck...