1997-07-25: Share and Share Alike!

Global Edition

Share and Share Alike!

Author: T. P. Ruddygore Published: July 25, 1997

Hail and Greetings my adventurous companions!

When one dost state the name 'Sosaria', what ist the first thing that springs to thy mind? Adventure, surely! Fighting monsters and rescuing fair maidens (or buff scribes) ist all well and good, but are there not more pressing issues that we, as a populace, should be concerned about? Is there not an emptiness we all feel, not unlike the pangs of thirst when thou art out of ale? What I speakest of, dear friends, is the severe lack of GOLD in the kingdom!

Do we not, as citizens of Brittania, pay our tithes and levies to our benevolent Lord British? Aye, we do! And where doth this gold go? The salaries of yon local guards is but a pittance compared to what we subjects pay in! I say that this kingdom should be equally shared in by all! Gold and other funds should be distributed to those in need, and not used to line the purse of Lord British and his cronies! How many of you would complain about getting an extra farthing or two from the kingdom? None, I'll wager. The Kingdom should pay attention to her people: Share and share alike!