1997-07-25: The Economy on the Up-Swing!

Global Edition

The Economy on the Up-Swing!

Author: Choas Published: July 25, 1997

Britannian economics continue to rise today as crowds gathered around the forge at the Blacksmithy today. Competition between blacksmiths and weaponsmiths have brought prices down considerably these past few days. Gold is becomming more abundant as people are now more willing to part with their hard earned money in order to buy such items as Broadswords, shields, and armor.

Street pedaling is growing now, with one such example being a man from Britian who was wearing a quite colorful Joker's hat with a purple cape and a green shirt. "I'll dye your pants for 5 gold," he shouted as he was running by the blacksmith. Still, others are tending toward the more traditional method of purchasing and selling items in one of the many stores in Britannia.