1997-09-04: Legion of Dragons

Global Edition

Legion of Dragons

Author: Geller of Xone Published: September 4, 1997

This reported witnessed a sad and peculiar sight last night. Fond of the hunting grounds near Trinsic, I ventured to the city's northwest gates. This narrow exit from the city is a notorious place where violent and unrulely persons commonly congregate, awaiting hapless victims. They take advantage of the narrow entrance and wait in ambush, waiting for the next lost soul to cross their path. Being early in the evening, I risked crossing the arrow bridge out onto the peninsula which branches the city to the wilderness. There I met a fellow adventurer. Cautiously I warned him of the dangers of this place. I did not approach, fore I did not know this person's intentions. His reply was blunt. "It's murder out there." Certainly he meant the wilderness. Yes. Murder indeed. I explained to him further the dangers. He explains further his view. "Ogres everything." Truely? This I must see for myself. The adventurer runs off, heeding my warning. I travel north to the clearing near the city walls, where I find many a human corpse. I see that the villians have wasted no time tonight. Then I see those who must be responsible... a group of malcontents, in grey robes and carrying weapons and armor. They were a loud, unruley, perhaps even drunken lot. Villians, certainly. But when it comes to the war against the beasts, they are men afterall, and they must do what is right to preserve the species. You see, these men in robes were fighting an ogre!

A huge, terrible, and ugly beast! And they defeated him. And then soon come other beasts... a troll, an orc, an ettin. But their intentions were nothing as noble as the preservation of the human species, for every time they struck down a beast, they immediately went about stripping it of all it's weapons and tools and armor. They were equiping themselves to better attack their own fellow man. And that they did. Between the skirmishes with the beasts, they would turn on hapless onlookers, strike them down and take their sparce belongings. These men in robes, this Legion of Dragons, as they called themselves (although this reporter has a higher regard of dragons than he has of these men!), were ruthless. I stood by and warned off as many onlookers as I could until finally the LOD turned on me. I was mortally injured. But by the grace of God, British and the Avatar, my soul was returned to my body, though few belongings remained. And then I did something I much regret. I confess that I allied myself with these unholy men in hopes of regaining some of my belongings. My ploy did succeed. They returned to me a dagger and allowed me to scavange the bodies of some of the fallen beasts. But that does not forgive what I did. I warn you all to beware of this Legion of Dragons. Be clear of them. And be warned... to ally yourself with them is to become as evil as any one of them.