1997-09-08: Britannia Classified Ads

Global Edition

Britannia Classified Ads

Author: Unknown author Published: September 8, 1997


Fellow adventurous souls within the fine city of Minoc to adventure in nearby wilderness areas. Odd adventuring times of 12:30 AM MST until 5:00 AM or so have caused me to seek out kindred souls for adventure. I do not seek to join a guild, so please do not send me Guild Ads! These adventures will not involve PKing, unless known criminals are about, in which case I have no problem with some PK hunt and kill.

Please respond to: [email protected]


Our guild is in search of members...

We are the Fools, a guild that let's it's members have a say in what happens... As a newly formed guild, we would appreciate any people that want to join us in Ultima Online!



Members for The Mockers Guild

If interested in joining a Feist Guild with others, please e-mail me at [email protected] We are looking for new members to grow our guild on UO. All applicants must be honorable and fair-playing. (No, we're not a thieves guild, despite the name).



Let Nox the armorer repair your tools of the trade.

Swords sharpened, armor polished.

Find us in the Moonglow armory.

This month's special, free dying with every colored shield!


The Guild “Harbingers of the Shadow” seeks new members. If Thou hast no love for the harming and or destroying of the magnificent dragons then join our struggle. Vist our guild hall at

-High priest TottenSchlag


Black Sun is recruiting if you want info go Black Sun



Eager adventurer seeks silver disk. Bears the inscription “Ultima Online”.

Please e-mail me at [email protected]

Magical Dagger

Looking to buy a magical-dagger in the final “gateway” to Britannia. Should be very durable, and if possible, have a sliver blade, black hilt, and silver pummel. Should be able to pay in services and goods, although gold may not be available. Contact Jektal at: [email protected] for anything further.