1998-02-06: Evil Mage Joins Orcs in Siege

Global Edition

Evil Mage Joins Orcs in Siege

Author: Marcus D'Blight Published: February 6, 1998

A foul mage has joined forces with the orcs that plague the town of Cove. This mage, calling himself Fistandalus, lays in wait inside the orc's fort. As soon as a lone warrior engages the orcs, Fistandalous paralyzes the brave warrior. If his weakened victim survives the battle, the mage then unleashes lighting to finish him off. Fistandalus has been overheard to have said, “God, I love killing people." Fistandalus is aided in his evil deeds by a black knight who calls himself "Paladin” in a vile mockery of the noble order. The announced goal of this dark duo is the theft of magical equipment from their victims.