1998-02-17: Crawworth Resigned! Finth Named New Captain

Global Edition

Crawworth Resigned! Finth Named New Captain

Author: Kilnuth Grathen Published: February 17, 1998

The fine city of Trinsic lay in shock after the devasting discovery of a note written by Crawworth, Captain of the guards in Trinsic.

Left on his desk in a hasty scrawl, it stated that he could not bear the grief he has felt over Hartham's death. He announced that he was going on a quest, to find the root of the Zog Cabal and expose it. He gave no indication of where he was headed, nor any instructions, save that of announcing his successor.

He left in charge Finth Desryn, former Master of Arms for the Paladin's Guild. Finth has stepped up to the task with the following comments, “Although Crawworth shalt be sorely missed amongst the goodly people of our fine towne, rest assured that the safety of all members of this community shalt remain secure.”

Finth had no comment about the recent attacks on the shrines, although he did hint that he might be requesting the formation of a militia to protect the shrine areas on Wednesday night.

The Trinsic Council has further pressed the issue of the Zog Cabal, bringing into custody a former shopkeep who ran a small shop near the local tavern. Before the individual in question could be interrogated, she stated that, “Crawworth is in search of Hartham, he shall meet him face to face”.

She then swallowed a concoction of poisons that was identical to the ones the foul assassin Duryn (who murdered Hartham a month ago) drank.

More on all of these issues as they develop.