1998-03-03: Great Diamond Stolen By Trolls!

Catskills Edition

Great Diamond Stolen By Trolls!

Author: Lord Titus Published: March 3, 1998

In the fair city of Minoc you can find the Forgery, a wonderful blacksmithing shop owned by Lord Duma and his faithful friend Amaro. They specialize in good work, crafting some of the finest weapons and armor the land has ever seen. So it was with little to fear the Lady Jasmine, the noble, approached Lord Duma and asked him to fashion for her a sword. But this sword was to be special indeed. For the hilt would contain the Heart of Ice, a huge diamond the size of a man’s fist!

However, disaster struck before the sword could be completed. A band of Trolls attacked Lady Jasmine and took the diamond from her, disappearing North of Minoc.

T’was the brave souls of Minoc who saved the day. Lord Duma and Amaro happened to mention to a few passing customers what had happened, and before long a cry was up and a group went to seize the diamond from the Trolls themselves!

A few hours went by and soon the diamond was returned, safe and sound. Several Trolls met their untimely end, as all such beasts should, at the hands of the diamond seekers, and Lady Jasmine had her sword.

Lord Duma was most proud of the citizens of his fine city for the work they did, and he offered a reward of a magical plate breast, which was taken by the diamonds returner, and then to everyone’s amazement, given to a friend who needed it more than he.

With such spirit as this in Minoc it’s no wonder Lord Duma and Amaro make their homes there. Stop by and visit them at the Forgery, and tell them Titus sent you!