1998-03-03: Terror in Dungeon Shame

Global Edition

Terror in Dungeon Shame

Author: Vorik Gratharg Published: March 3, 1998

Reports from the dungeon shame are that several adventurers ran afoul of a new creature near the graves located on the first level of the dungeon. A Skeletal Lord, it’s bones the decayed yellow of a long dead human, appeared in a sheet of flame and caused Bone magi and Skeletal Warriors to rise from the hard packed dirt of the dungeon floor.

The Skeletal Lord commanded these creatures as though they were children, and on at least one occasion referred to them as his offspring. The Skeletal Lord disappeared and reappeared frequently, always accompanied by a sheet of flame that marked his passage.

A group of brave adventurers did try to do battle with the creature, after slaying all his “children,” but he disappeared into one of the unmarked graves in the dungeons chambers.

The thing made several cryptic comments about adventurers staying away from it’s home, and never returning to it’s abode, but it made no effort to clarify these remarks, it simply continued to send it’s minions forth to do battle with them.

Always be careful in the Dungeons, but be especially careful near the graves in Shame. There’s a new reason to fear.