1998-03-05: Vesper Tradition Revived

Pacific Edition

Vesper Tradition Revived

Author: Tyrell, Captain of the Vesper Guard Published: March 5, 1998

Hail, citizens of Britainnia! Due to the recent Orc shenanigans of which ye may have heard, I am most pleased to be able to bring you news of a less violent sort. With the help of Ben Kahns, proprietor of the Great Horns Tavern in Magincia, a long forgotten tradition hath been revived; The Hunt of the Stag. A simple tradition, a number of stags with notes tied ‘round their necks are released around the Vesper area, hunted down, and when all the notes are returned a great feast commences. Mr. Kahns and I took the liberty of arranging for the release of stags around Magincia as well as Vesper for this occasion.

From talking to Ben, I gather that there must have been at least 30 people enlisting for the hunt, with a good 15-20 at his tavern when I arrived, just before the beginning of the feast. Indeed, on my way there I saw one of the few remaining stags, and slew it myself. Soon after my arrival, the feast commenced. Colossal amounts of food and drink were consumed, the recent return of the Sword and Shield of Vesper was much talked of, and an excellent time was had by all. It was truly a pleasure to see this great tradition not only revived, but received with such awesome fanfare. Thank thee to all of ye who participated in the hunt, and I hope ye shall take part again next season.