1998-03-09: Exotic Collector Makes An Appearance In Ocllo

Catskills Edition

Exotic Collector Makes An Appearance In Ocllo

Author: Caitlin Elopidat Published: March 9, 1998

OCLLO - Brelos, a collector of exotic items and animals, made an appearance in Ocllo today, recruiting help for a hunting expedition. His arrival at the bank was big news as many gathered to view his gloves, made of authentic Lizardman skin, and his glass staff, filled with the dark blue waters found only in dungeon rivers.

He immediately set about searching for skilled trackers and warriors, in an effort to track down a white stag, rumored to have been seen in the southern forests of Ocllo, by acquaintances of the collector.

He soon acquired the help of a group of locals including Randwulf, Morgan, Roxanne, Xenious, Tamerlane, Roland, Mitzpieler, Driff, and an individual known as Guardian Knight. After telling them of the white stag, and asking for their assistance on his safari, the small group set out towards the southern end of the island in search of the elusive stag.

Fruitless hours of searching began and no sign of the beast was found. Twice the group was attacked by renegade orcs, and both times the party was split off from several members of the group. In the end only Brelos, Tamerlane, Mitzpieler, Roxanne, Morgan, and Randwulf were left. Brelos paid them all a small sum and went on his way without his prize, but promised to return at a later date and begin the hunt anew.

Little is known of Brelos, except that he is a known acquaintance of Marcel, the Britannian Merchant. It is rumored that Marcel’s journey to Trinsic, which required a large group of mercenaries to assure his safety, was actually a business trip to deliver an item of some worth to Brelos.