1998-03-15: Wolf Pack Attack On Yew

Baja Edition

Wolf Pack Attack On Yew

Author: Richel Tiffus Published: March 15, 1998

Terror stuck Britainnian citizens again yesterday. Another in a series of what appears to be organized monster attacks hit the land. This time, the focus of the attack was the peace-loving city of Yew. The attack was centered on the city’s Empath Abbey and the attackers were dire wolves. “I frequently go up on the roof of the Abbey to relax and gaze out into the forest at the giant Yew trees," said Durin, one of the Abbey’s caretakers, "This time as I looked out into the beautiful Yew forest, I saw a sight that scared me out of my mind!”

That sight was dozens of dire wolves roaming in packs and preying on the hunters roaming the countryside. Taking on six to seven dire wolves is not advisable to any but the most seasoned warrior, and the lone hunters were forced to flee for their lives until help arrived.

The town criers were immediately alerted, and the call to arms went out with the greatest speed. Then many brave warriors inside the Abbey rushed out into the woods to try to turn the wolf pack away from the city. The battle raged on at length, but the warriors were eventually victorious. “Those dire wolves are an exceptionally tough breed," said Master Warrior Argath of the fighting Yew defenders, "They are much tougher than most of the other types of wolves, except possibly those fire-breathing hell hounds. And when the dire wolves roam in packs... well, I shudder to think of what would happen if that pack had gotten lose inside the city walls. I’m not sure even the guards could have turned back such a giant horde.”

Like some of the more recent attacks on the cities of our land, this attack seemed to be organized by other monsters. This exclusive image obtained by the Town Cryer shows an Ogre lord herding the dire wolves into the attack on the city. Could this be a sign of some greater evil? Are the monsters of the land starting to work together? As many warriors know, the Ogre lord is a powerful evil, often delivering death in one or two blows to even the most heavily armored fighters. However, organizing an attack on a city would seem to be beyond the mental capabilities of the brutish Ogre. Citizens are warned to keep an eye out for these roving, organized bands of monsters.